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What's Cooking? - Tasty Chef Puzzle apk

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What's Cooking? - Tasty Chef Puzzle apk icon

What's Cooking? - Tasty Chef Puzzle

Tie your apron and sharpen your knives – it’s time for a crazy cooking adventure in WHAT'S COOKING? - Tasty Chef! Starting as an amateur cook with a small kitchen, you’ll combine ingredients to create over 700+ recipes and serve delicious dishes to hungry customers. Customize your restaurant, upgrade your kitchen and improve your skills to become the world’s greatest master chef!

⦁ Combine ingredients to discover and cook 700+ recipes
⦁ Customize your restaurant and kitchen with unique themes
⦁ Level up your chef to unlock new ingredients and recipes
⦁ Upgrade your kitchen with new equipment
⦁ Visit the market and play mini-games to get common, rare or epic ingredients
⦁ Cook your diners’ favorite dishes for extra rewards!
⦁ Become a master of the kitchen and cook 5-star dishes!

Part of any chef’s job is to find the highest quality ingredients available! To cook the best dishes you’ll have to visit the market. But there’s a catch - you’ll have to win your ingredients in a card game. You are given 10 attempts to flip over cards and discover the ingredients you want, try not to lose… you need ingredients to cook with!

As you level up your chef you’ll unlock delicious new recipes and ingredients to find at the market. With so many combinations available, there are over 100+ amazing dishes to discover! Have fun to combine ingredients and discovering brand new dishes to serve to your hungry restaurant diners.

When you serve delicious food to your restaurant diners, you’ll earn coins – you run a business, after all! Why not spend these coins on upgrading your restaurant and kitchen? Unlock a variety of new kitchen tools to cook faster and better dishes, or customize your restaurant with new themes which give EXP bonuses to certain dishes!

Level up your chef by earning EXP and cooking some amazing food in your bistro, or invest some coins in training. To become the world’s greatest master chef you need to master each ingredient and learn to cook 5-star food – are you ready for the challenge?


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Bo Kuphal

This is such a cute and fun game. Its so easy to earn the premium currencies in the game so you don't need to buy any if you don't want to spend actual money. The only thing I would want to change is being able to get all the dogs without having to buy them with real money during events (even if it was 200+ gems). Also the event times comfuse me. The banner for the event says one date, but the news updates say another date. I never know which one it is.

Imani Bogisich

I got bored pretty quickly, the game UI is beautiful but I feel more effort should be put on the gameplay. I spent 30mins making the same dishes, to make them is just choosing a category of ingredients and clicking 'Cook'. I feel for a cooking game, there should be more elements of cooking, ie. chopping the veg, prepping the meat, stirring the sauce. Making the game more of a challenge and varied. Even adding restaurant like tasks too could expand the game more. Defo got potential!

Eddie Nienow

I've only been playing this for a little while but this game is really addictive! The game has a pretty nice progression, with collectibles and even events to keep players playing. Playing the puzzles to get ingredients in the market is a very interesting mechanic that I really like. You are always given a choice if you'd like to view an ad, and you get rewarded in return. The only problem I have with the ads is that some of them are really inappropriate like the sexualizing of women.

Zakary Hane

I love it, I was looking for a cafe game. I decided \"Hey look! There's that game I used to have.\" It is now packed fill of dishes and events! It has realy surprised me how easy and adictive this game is. I rate this game.... Astounding! (Yes, Mr Chef Rasin clearly has influenced me, thank you very much! :D) Thank you for reading this, have a great day!

Kiarra Becker MD

Honestly, I'd give it a 5, but it keeps erasing my gamesave data. Aparently this Facebook login doesn't backup saves. It's annoying to have to go through the unskipable tutorial over again. Very cute \u0026 fun otherwise.

Prof. Nathanael Rempel

I found this game difficult to pick up and enjoy. It seems very paywall-esque from the get go. For example, you cannot customize your character, but when you unlock a new outfit, you have to purchase it with in-game currency. It is not a reward. I was confused by the second cooking task, as I was asked to cook a vegetarian meal and I was forced to use meat as an ingredient. Doesn't that go against logic? I am uninstalling. Thank you for your time.

Kareem Fahey

sadly i put a 1 star because it takes way to long to get to level 4 and it takes longer every time you level up its a great game bu t please make it easier to level up and ive played pther games created by you but this was just awfully disapointing and when i left the game it made me level 1 again please sort this out now 😓

Emerald Upton

It's absolutely adorable! I love it 😁, I haven't encountered any problems as of yet. But I will update if I do.

Mozell Parisian

I love it! but the oven is 4 HOURS? When I was doing a event I needed 1 more to finish all the rewards, but it was an oven dish and the festival ended in 3 HOURS!

Maryse Barrows

great app lots of fun gathering resources can be a challenge witch is good when most other games like this are so simple 0