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See Who Is Tracking You

Do you know what apps may be gathering data about your location even when you're not using them? Do you know how often your physical location is being tracked through your mobile device? Use this tool to keep tabs on the apps that are keeping tabs on you.

Receive alerts when any app is tracking your location in the background or foreground.

See statistics on how many times you have been tracked and for how long.

See what apps have permission to access your location.

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Favian Mosciski

Edit: still no difference. Even after the app update it doesn't work. \nNothing in my original comment has changed. This is on the official Android \n9 Pie August update though. Original comment: So this app doesn't work \nwell. It detected the app itself was tracking me. But when I open the app \nit shows the Pixel launcher was tracking me. I tested this on Google Maps, \nLyft, Tile, and Gasbuddy, NONE of them made the notification go off unless \nthe app itself was open, and then the app would still only show Pixel \nLauncher as the only app that's tracked me and the notification says the \napp tracking me is itself.

Lonny Anderson

be careful with this one. i noticed a \"my att' shortcut on my home screen that wasnt there prior to downloading app...(i have another provider). apparently it runs in the background and accesses mms/sms and uses your data to do it. when i disabled it, suddenly the app wouldn't work. I FOUND OUT WHO IS TRACKING ME....THIS DAMN APP! SUCKS DIRTY BALLS!

Ms. Susanna Eichmann

This doesn't do anything except force tou to tuen ON your location. And then you're stuck in that screen, have to quit and reopen, and surprise - when you reopen and click the see who's tracking, it opens the location controls again. Just stupid abd worthless. Don't bother with this junk.

Lloyd Walker

Totally useless! 😝 Does absolutely NOTHING, except try to scam you into purchasing the Chekmate info. This app itself does zilch!!! It will merely eat up your data and battery, then irritate you w/those inconvenient flash ads. Id seriously like to have been given the choice of a ( 0% )-ZERO RATING, but a score of atleast 1-star was required. That's waaaaay too much credit for this useless app. Trust me! 😡

Elisha Hirthe

from what I can tell if its the law that is tracking you this app isnt going to be very usefull. If its of criminal or another app it will give up the info. Good luck to those who think it aint working.

Ms. Jessyca Conn III

My App says ive been tracked 13 times doesnt say minutes but my guess would be for 2 days it's great just waiting to get more info thanku u no what i didnt put a tracking device in my van so it was put in by dirty hands or using a App.£9£

Krystel Lakin

doesn't show anything besides 1 tracking, whatever I press, it brings me to settings. useless

Prof. Jack Lesch Sr.

I'm so glad that I have this because people it saved my life just nights I thought I was being stalked and guess what?my stalker is currently in jail do to this app..

Ms. Antonietta Powlowski

Full of ads (full screen ad after each action). Cluttered and unhelpful UI. Not really helpful or working.

Miss Connie Purdy

ads across the bottom where it shows you have or have not been tracked, and you cannot see the info because you cannot get rid of the ad.