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Download Auction Wars : Storage King apk for free.

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Auction Wars : Storage King

Become a professional buyer and make big money in Auction Wars: Storage King!

Visit the storage auctions and battle against other buyers, make the right call and walk away rich! Can you find hidden treasure and beat your friend's score on the leaderboard?

Start out on the road to riches by bidding at the storage auctions. Make money and earn your right to compete at the world’s most prestigious auction houses! Work your way up through the ranks to trade in only the finest quality goods.

Auction Wars: Storage King features global leaderboards and eleven achievements. Trade your way to the top of the top of the leaderboards and beat the scores set by friends and strangers alike!

Auction Wars: Storage King takes full advantage of retina displays with beautiful and crisp high definition graphics.

Play well and you’ll receive an invite to a mysterious auction house that deals only in the world’s rarest items! Collect each of these items to earn BIG money!

- ONLINE MULTIPLAYER (*Requires an in-app purchase)
Play online with your friends and strangers alike in your own virtual auction.

Compete against realistic AI competitors, each with their own unique characteristics. Enter into quick fire bidding battles and face late calls. Hold your nerve to make the right call and walk away with big profits!

Collect a range of items. Keep track of your items on the collections menu. Can you hunt down each and every item?

We make a commitment to supporting this game with regular updates. We promise to add more great items, more locations, more characters and more features very soon!

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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Liliana Ebert

This is the type of game i would like to play with other people, seems fun, but you want us to pay for online?! Are you kidding?! You should first make the game fun for everyone and only when it is popular start trying to earn money, same with the ads, there are unskippable ads after every auction! You guys are just awful, playing against other players is the only fun thing about this game, but we can't even do that?! If only i could give you 0 stars...

Zella Lang

Fun game, I opened up the last location fairly quickly and now the lockers \nare not very exciting.... even the special invitation ones only contain \nsomething \"special\" which is usually only 5-7 hundred dollars.. I'm \nstarting to get bored... Please add new locations

Baby Jakubowski

The game would be ok if it worked it seems to b every time I make a nice ammount of profit on a locker. It crashes and I don't get any cash for it but loose cash i spent on it the game os trash to me now and i recomend everyone to uninstall it

Ms. Emilie Gottlieb

Really? You have to pay to unlock multi-player? That's rubbish. You're game \nisn't good enuff to warrant spending any real money.

Rolando Klein

Had the app installed before. I bought so I could play online. But changed \nmy phone and basically lost everything. So I'm not paying for things again \nwhen they should be reinstated

Edd Lemke

Not much fun, would be nice if you could sell items in a store like the other ones. some of the items are terrible too, played because had trouble getting on other games si iler

Ashlynn Wisozk

Everywhere you go its the same dam items in all the units.its boring..because you know what exspect in evey unit and facilities you go going to delete if something does not change.

Elvie Gutmann DVM

The progression was too slow for my liking. I want a game where I feel I am \nable too make progress, I didnt feel that with this game. The ability to \nget ahead in the game is too slow. Hence my 2 star rating. I will \nuninstall. Cheers

Jade Sporer

these might be the same games by the same company but this game has more realistic better features but it doesn't have where you can own a shop and sell items that's the only damn thing I have about the game but everything else is spot-on and really enjoying it must get

Kenneth Cartwright

Pay to play online .. NO! I've got loads of the friends playing yet constantly says no friends playing so no leaderboard.. repetitive items .. yet oddly addictive