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MTA Subway Time

MTA Subway Time gives you real-time train arrival information for selected routes of the New York City subway system. Knowing exactly when your train will arrive will reduce the time you spend waiting on the subway platform, and let you know of any service delays or reroutes before you pay your fare.

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Elisabeth Dibbert

Needs to have the cities as a drop down menu. I don't always want to scroll from the top to find my stop. If I could just click on the word \"Manhattan,\" then have my options drop down from there, the app would be much easier to use.

Layla Pouros

Very useful; significant design flaw. When using the app, the status/notifications bar at the top of my screen becomes illegible. It doesn't disappear completely, but the text becomes nearly the same color as the background (near black). I'd very much like to see how much cellular signal or battery I have left while I'm using the app. If this issue gets fixed, I'll give the app 5 stars. [Samsung Galaxy S7 edge SM-G935V, Android 8.0.0, Samsung Experience 9.0]

Selina Hegmann

Not sure what app other reviewers are using but this shows actual times (same as the countdown clocks) based on actual train locations, not on the \"schedule\". Yeah, if trains are being held because of some problem up the line, it will show a train \"2 minutes away\" that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But, as other reviews note, this app is a life-saver when you want to know which of a couple of routes you should take or whether to wait for the next train. Only complaint is that it likes to say you have no connection when you do. Force close and reopen always works.

Prof. Holden Roob

First time using it \u0026 it was inaccurate. OMW downstairs, the count down clock in the station said my train (D - Coney Island) would arrive in 4 minutes. The clock on the platform wasn't working but advertised this app so I downloaded it while waiting. I opened the app to see what it would say, expecting 1 - 2 minutes. Instead it showed my train arriving in 8 minutes. And then my train rolled in. Right on time according to the station clock, NOT the app! I'll give it another try though

Mrs. Samanta Huels

When it works it's great but there's no way that I can find to update/refresh if you lose WiFi access. You have to leave the app and go back in. You should be able to swipe to refresh the connection. It loses points for this.

Yvette Tillman

Unreliable. Showing incorrect schedule half of the times. But it's mta, so that's normal.

Prof. Jaron Schneider IV

Why does this app hide the phone's status bar? The current time and whether there's a cell signal is very important when using this app!

Erick Emmerich

not working again as of this morning 2/11/19. there's no way to alert the crappy developers.

Urban Skiles

Trying to use app, i get an error code stating real time not available at this station and several others, defeats the whole point of the app.

Johnathon Fahey Sr.

Tells you when the train is expected, without informing you of the service changes, like that you have to take a shuttle bus at the next stop

  • Author
    Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
  • Publish date
    Mar. 09, 2019
  • Latest version
  • Requirements
    Android 16 and above
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