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Questions To Ask a Guy

Question to ask a guy app book for your guide, Knowing the right question to ask a guy to get to know them would play a key role in your attempt to be closer to a person you are interested in.

In this app include:

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More detail about question to ask a guy:

Sometimes, during conversations, it might be difficult for you to come up with the right things to say - leaving quite an awkward silence between the two of you. To solve this dilemma, below are some useful questions that you can pop in any conversation that you might have when you are with the guy you like.

· Did you play snakes and ladders when you were a kid?

Now, remember that this question is just the start of your conversation, so be ready with follow-up questions that could help him build up his answers. If he says "yes" but does not continue elaborating on the topic, you can ask him whom he played it with, did he enjoy it better than scrabble, or what not. The important thing here is to keep the conversation going and get him to tell things about him without using the typical questions like "What is your favorite board game?"

· Do you prefer pancakes instead of cereals for breakfast?

This question to ask a guy to get to know them might seem a little boring for you, but if you play this right, it might become a good way to find out what kinds of food he likes. If he tells you he prefers pancakes, ask him if he likes it with coffee, or bacon, etc. You can also use a follow-up question about what other kinds of food he likes; just make sure to find the right timing.

· What do you think of that sports team?

Guys are often excited to tell their sentiments about their favorite sports team, so this question should do you well. Asking them first about what he thinks about a particular sports game or team would prevent you from blubbering about how much you do not like that team, especially if it turns out that he is quite a fan of that team that you hate.

· Have you ever considered living outside of the country?

For this question, you might find out about his plans for the future. If, for instance, he says "no, but I want to travel to France", then you can shift the topic to travelling and seeing beautiful scenery around the world. This would tell you a lot about the guy, and you could learn a lot about him based on his answers.

The important thing in knowing the appropriate question to ask a guy to get to know them is to know when to start and when to stop. If you might have asked a seemingly sensitive question and the guy tends to be a little uncomfortable about answering it, then you should act immediately and ask something else. Conversely, knowing when to start to build up on an idea that he likes would help you find out more about him.

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