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Split Lens 2-Clone Yourself in Photo & Video apk

Download Split Lens 2-Clone Yourself in Photo & Video apk for free.

Split Lens 2-Clone Yourself in Photo & Video apk icon

Split Lens 2-Clone Yourself in Photo & Video

Want to really impress your Instagram followers? Use Split Lens to produce interesting photos like Cloning Yourself, Swaps all the faces in your photos, Make you float in the Air, Finger Fire, Face Bomb,Swapping Your Body Parts, make Your Own Ghost or Capture a series of photos to tell a story!
Split Lens enables you to produce easy and perfect incredible photo on your iPhone. The quality of the results of Split Lens overwhelm other app’s outcome.

How it works?
∆ First select 1 of 42 layouts. Adjust the split bars to where you want them.

∆ Snap your pic! Take your first photo. After snapping the first photo on the first side of the screen, the another side of the screen now becomes active.

∆ You can also add images from your library.

∆ Adjust and Blend your images. Use the Split bars! To move and blend the image, zoom in or out.

∆ Apply a variety of high-quality filters,Split Lens provides 115 amazing filters and FX to get your Split Pic looking fly.

∆ Save your masterpiece to your album or share it with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, & Email.

◊ Divide your camera into several frames and blend images together.

◊ 42 different layouts for your shooting pleasure (include the Face Swap and Face in Hole Layout!).

◊ Undo feature.

◊ Different photo aspect ratios.

◊ 115 different high-quality photo filters, includes 30+ textures and 30 bokeh effects to make your images truly unique.

◊ Shoot or upload photos from your library.

◊ Integrated a powerful photo editor.

◊ The built-in timer.

◊ The ability to zoom each frame individually and move each image.

◊ Long press the frame to apply effects to Each Section of the Image.

◊ The ability to export different-resolution image: 640×852, 960×1278, 1280×1704, 1600×2120,1920×2556,2240×2982.

◊ Save it to your library or share it with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, & Email.

◊ Endless Possibilities!

Editor's Note

Split Lens 2-Clone Yourself in Photo & Video has designed and announced by Bigger Lens LLC. The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the Split Lens 2-Clone Yourself in Photo & Video apk please check out our other applications from our website.

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Miss Lola Turner MD

PLEASE READ ALL...It is really good! I can make myself look like I have a twin, and I can also make Video and photo collages. They have loads of differant layouts that you can chose from. When you chose you can set a timer for your photo or video. When you are done recording you can blend the photo or video together, which is super cool. There is only one thing... You have to pay to unlock some of the layouts. If you like photography you need to get this app. EDIT AFTER READING COMMENTS: You can twin yourself. If it goes ghost mode you need to move a little farther away from the line, or you can just not blurr it as much. Everything I is working well for me so far, and when I save any photo or video nothing has gone wrong yet. There will not be any problems with comeing and with twining yourself if you know how to work the app. BTW: The parts in my review where everything is bold I am not yelling. I am using the bold as a caption sort of thing.

Dr. Lincoln Ledner V

It's good but anytime I do a video with two of myself it's okay but if I do \nit with three of myself when I go to save it says image not available! And \nI put a lot of time and effort into making it and it can even save! \nDownload at your own risk! This app is good and bad!

Amara Conn

PLEASE READ ALL:This app is not good it is looks like you can clone yourself but the only way you can is go ghost mode. It does not do all those things it says it does

Prof. Buford Renner

PLEASE READ ENTIRE THING. PLEASE READ ENTIEE THING. Just got the app. Its really cool So far. EDITED LATER: oh my gurd! Terrible.... Ly AWESOME!!!! BEST APP EVAAAAA I am now older than I was when I wrote the first comment but THIS APP IS GREAT LOVE ITTT- Edited again: hate it. Won't save anymore i take back everything good I have ever said about it. Terrible... NESS TERRIBLNESS IS INSIDE THAT APP WAITING FOR YOU. Get another app. U can use this app for other things, just make sure you have a back up device to record or take a picture of what you did.

Finn Senger Sr.

I was so excited to do good things with this app. But no matter what I do, \nthe color schemes do not match up. One side of the photo always has \nbrighter and more vivid colors, which gives away the illusion.

Cortney Jacobs

This is by far the best app I have had for this. Works perfectly for me, with the only problem having to wait a few minutes and outlining my pictures from gallery in white. My friend and I love playing with this, making videos, pictures, everything. It lives up and past the description and pictures. I love it and you can make such good creations. 10 Stars.

Julien Schultz

Look! ( $Two Dollars Matter Too$) we upgraded to unlock lock cloning features but it never upgraded... The app isnt working properly....owners needs to perform major maintenance. PS owners... I need my two dollars back 🤨

Dee Reichel

PLEASE READ!!!! This app is all bullsh*t. I'm sorry, but this app does \nnothing that it was supposed to do. I read the reviews and saw they were \nbad, but I took the risk anyway. Was paying for the locked features and \nnever got them. This app is a scam, basically stole money from me and never \ngave what I asked for. Whatever you do, don't listen to the good reviews \nand NEVER EVER download or buy anything from this app. NEVER.

Mr. Orion Hills

Good Apps👍 overall its fun .., We should never expect beyond experts.. the question is \"WHAT DID WE EXPECT IN CELLPHONE EDITING?\" ofcourse Cellphone output... this apps maybe for entertaining friends and families.. Free patern is already enough to have more Fun. DOWNLOAD \u0026 TRY. (infairness to the developer)

Sasha Leffler

Sucks if you take a picture of you two times it shows up clear and you can barely see yourself. WARNING⚠ DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!