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6 Pack Promise - Ultimate Abs apk

Download 6 Pack Promise - Ultimate Abs apk for free.

6 Pack Promise - Ultimate Abs apk icon

6 Pack Promise - Ultimate Abs

The #1 Ab Workout App is back!

Train like a pro with these elite ab workouts, get that 6 pack and NEVER plateau again!

The new 6 Pack Promise builds on the original #1 ab training app to bring you a free basic workout program with the full program and additional features via in-app billing.

Created by celebrity pro athlete trainer Jeff Cavaliere, the 6 Pack Promise ab workout brings you the same exact ab workouts used to keep today's elite professional athletes in game-ready shape while helping them carve out 6 pack abs.


• 30 unique FREE ab exercises to get you pumped!
• Convenient fast ab workouts, ranging from 4-8 Minutes!
• Over 70 additional ab forming advanced workouts using IAP to keep it fresh and exciting
• Video demonstrations of all 105 ab crushing exercises by celebrity pro trainer Jeff Cavaliere
• Designed for all levels, whether you are a gym newcomer or weekend warrior
• Ab shredding meal plans to provide the ultimate one-two punch in gaining your 6 pack
• The Shuffle feature allows you to create a different ab workout everyday so you NEVER plateau.
• Track your 6 pack progress with regular photos and share them on your favourite social network
• Keep up to date and learn with the latest AthleanX videos
• Favorite workouts to do them again!
• Never wait for videos to download again with offline access mode.
• Play music from your favourite music player app while working out!

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Gabe Rohan

I've tried a lot of videos and apps for a good abs workout but none of them satisfied me but this one.. I watch Athlean-X videos everyday for tips in bodybuilding as I workout at the gym, but I dont focus on abs workout at the gym... so i thought along with gym workout, an additional abs workout will do the trick and saw this app from Athlean X while browsing on play store... this has satisfied my abs by giving intense tightening of my abs during and a long time after workout.. love it!!!

Emilie Orn

Never usually leave reviews but I will for this one, as this is the best exercise app I've found. Having tutorial videos is really helpful and sets this app apart from the others. The app interface is also easy to use. I've only been using it a couple of weeks so I obviously haven't seen significant changes yet, but you definitely find you can fit a lot into these five minute workouts. The shuffle feature is great if you want to do more each day. Definitely recommend this app.

Dr. Josh Gorczany

This is my favorite workout app by far. It starts out light, but by week 2 that friendly voice that says \"change directions\" becomes a cruel slave driver. Overall the workouts are fast and effective and this app makes it so easy. The meal shuffler is great bonus feature that helped me find healthy options. Although I wish I could save or make a list of meals to plan for the week. Oh well, I just kept hitting shuffle and wrote them down. 5 stars. love this app, it changed my life.

Raymundo Luettgen

Awesome, nicely presented, altho prefer the Jeff resting rest, that show you the best way to rest that hell work out. Another thing you could actually include eat for vegetarians, or give some alternatives for it. As meat is always present during the eat advices. Keep the good work! The app is worth buying and that comes from someone that never bought an app before!

Betsy Lowe

I have a sport expert in my family, and I am a professional researcher. As soon as I started following Mr. Cavaliere, I KNEW he was tops! And then I see that Sylvester Stallone confirms what I knew all along. Athleanx is a set of offerings that is very affordable, very accessible, and a vehicle to the FINEST PHYSICAL EDUCATION available today. Look no more, start working out!!

Gavin Oberbrunner

I use the 6 pack Promise App in tandem with Jeff's Athlean Xero program. It's insane! I'm not at 100% effectiveness in terms of my self-discipline but I'm so much better off than when I was trying to do it myself. Jeff keeps the workouts fresh and the exercises really do recruit muscles I know I've never really given a chance to work before . Thank you, Athlean-X!

Irving Franecki

If you truly want the best REAL results, AthleanX is it! The ab workouts are by far better and guide you to better more affective abs that will help you. Understand that working on abs are just one part of the overall picture to a healtier stronger body. If you work on the other parts (e.g. diet, exercise, etc.) you WILL HAVE A GREAT LOOKING BODY! There are no short cuts to abs but this app will give you results!

Wayne Fisher

Plenty of challenge and variety here. Clear demonstrations of every exercise, audio prompts and timer let the user concentrate on putting out their best effort. You can even get visual on which group of abdominal muscles each exercise is targeting. If a particular series of exercises is not to your liking, you can press the shuffle button for a different one.

Foster Harvey

love this guys approach to training and achieving goals, go check his YouTube out you won't be disappointed. I have only just started my weight training and I stick to Jeff's way of training the muscles, because it makes sense to me, if I could give it 10 stars I would.

Prof. Madelynn Kuhlman III

Just started with the app but so far I'm seeing results, I've never seen before. I enjoy the workouts it's not dull and boring but very fun. Please make a app for full body workout using only dumbbells and barbell, I can't afford those big machines and my home town we don't have a gym. I only follow your workouts nobody else. BTW all the way from South africa