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Kitty Cat Clicker - Hungry Cat Feeding Game apk

Download Kitty Cat Clicker - Hungry Cat Feeding Game apk for free.

Kitty Cat Clicker - Hungry Cat Feeding Game apk icon

Kitty Cat Clicker - Hungry Cat Feeding Game

The Internet might not be ready for this: cats meet clickers! Kitty Cat Clicker is the game that will finally take your productivity to zero. Be warned: there’s no life after downloading this game.

Tap the Queen Cat as fast as you can to feed her with tasty snacks and build an entire army of cats to help you. Will you be able to please the queen and be granted the permission to open the treasure chests and find awesome prizes? Come play!

It’s very simple: feed the Queen Cat with as much food as you can! You can tap the Queen to feed her by yourself or hire dozens, hundreds or even thousands of new cats to help you with this tasty task.

For every piece of food given to the queen, you earn points that can be used to hire new cats.

Once she’s satisfied, you’ll be granted the queen’s permission to open the epic Treasure Chest. What’s in it? WHAT’S IN IT? Only you can find!

• Buy endless upgrades!
• Cookies are fun, but… come on… cats!
• Become the cat master!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Editor's Note

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Dr. Jordy Altenwerth I

The game has graphics that are like another cat game I've played, and the \ngame play is amazing, I would give this 10 stars if I could. No wonder it's \nthe top \"cat clicker\" on the search list of Results!

Dr. Lydia Skiles DDS

It's a really cute game. However it doesn't keep me interested for very long. It also doesn't have a 'buy max' feature for cats so it's a constant click just to try and buy as many cats as you can.

Russ Douglas DVM

Great game!! Best game on my device for a while, though I found a bug, where 5he cats continue throwing the food when the leader is gone, so it goes to the chest, for a long time, until you purchase a new cat. To be honest I think the glitch was cool 😼😼😼😺😺

Sammie Macejkovic

A lovable game that takes cats to a whole new level! There's a lot of constant ads, but turning off your WiFi will work. Other than the ad pop ups, this game is very good. The graphics are pretty great, unless you're into high def.

Sienna Hilpert IV

There's not a whole lot to this one, it's just cute. An adorable and funny way to entertain oneself without getting locked into hours of puzzling and micro-transactions. Keep handy for when you need a smile.

Percival Keebler

Im not recievjng winged cat after purchasing :( ill redownload and hope for the best. This game was looki g good! I love neekos

Miss Casandra Hayes

I love this game so much its the cutest game of all cuteness so I recommend \nyou to download this game so pls download this game I mean like if you play \nthis game you will never want to leave it like me I'm always talking to my \nself because when ever I like a game I always talk to my self and I love \ncats too so if your a talk to yourself cat lover pls download this game I \npromise it will blow your mind the way you get addicted to it so download it

Miss Alba Stehr

It's sooooooooooo cute! Winged Cat helps so much it's easy to fill up the \nbar. Plus he sounds like Nyan Cat And drops Poptarts!

Mr. Edmund Cremin

+ cats are cute - extremely limited progression, there's not much to this game even for idle clickers - barrage of ads make it unplayable - not enough reward for spending irl $$ (remove ALL ads guys.)

Coy Jacobson

I love it! Its so adorable. ❤ if your reading this you should totally get \nit especially if you love game where you need to collect things!