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Cat Gunner: Super Force

๐Ÿ˜บThe best zombie cat shooter game of 2018!๐Ÿ˜บ

A strange meteor falls on cat planet, resulting in a deadly outbreak. Many cats are turned into zombies, mindlessly attacking each other. The world now desperately needs defenders with big guns!

Cat Gunner Super Force is founded to save the planet amidst countless hurdles... Are you ready to blow up zombies with us?

From Day137, the studio that developed Galaxy Gunner & Robo Avenger.
๐Ÿ† TOP 14 Google Game Launcher 2018 Finalist ๐Ÿ†

- A new twist in the classic shoot'em up genre with nostalgic elements of retro games.
- DEFEAT THE BOSS: You will play as the Basic Cat - a newbie who joins the indestructible Super Cat Force team to beat the Boss and zombie cat and rescue the other super cat members of the team.
- UPGRADE GUNS: A lot of powerful Guns, Cat Heroes and Support items (Medkit, Grenade) for you to collect and form your own purrfect shooting shootโ€™em up style.
- COLLECT RAD MOUNTS: Unlock cool skateboard, motorcycle and even a giant T-rex to ride and overcome challenges.
- UPGRADE SUPER CATS: Choose the super cat you always want to be.
- BIG CHALLENGES: 30 missions of Story campaign - soon to be 40 to test the limit of your shooting skill.
- COMPLETE MISSIONS: 3 different game modes with 6 bosses per difficulty level.
- AWESOME NEW GAME MODE: 3 stunning events Zoo Escape, Boss Battle and Rush Road and many more to come in the future.

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Prof. Jalon Kunde

It is a unique game, having cats with guns shooting up cat zombies. Its pretty fun. The only problem is the ads, but because I didnt want to purchase the ad free update, so yeah. Over all its a great game.

Marlin Berge

why is mine not working? it keeps blacking out for multiple times. Pls fix this. and nothing is a problem my internet is working.I have tons of space

Mr. Dawson Herzog

You know what it feels to wait the screen to load? BORING! you have to wait until your waiting 1 hour! its not even loading the screen so fix the issue!

Prof. Isidro Kemmer V

Only viable weapons is the AWP, and to progress you need to watch an add every 2 minutes unless you wanna spend 10000 hours on the game just to defeat the second boss, very grindy, please make better weapons because AWP is the only weapon that does anything, that does not require you to pay for, otherwise the entire game is \"GRIND TILL YOU GET BORED AND GET BORED GRINDING\" Reccomend if you enjoy ads Dont reccomend if you dont enjoy boring grinds and pay2have fun/win

Marietta Rutherford

the control is poorly executed the cat seems like they sliding instead of a normal run/walk feel. and the joy stick location will get in your way if you move your character around it.

Mario Leuschke

its a very nice game. although sometimes i get scared when tue zombie comes near me ๐Ÿ˜…

Mavis Wintheiser

I like the cute graphics but something seems off...Oh I know! WHY DO THE ZOMBIES(?) NOT EAT THE SCIENCTISTS?

Tremaine Auer

Its kind of good but also bad the first weapon on the plain cat is horrible its damage is so low. But the shot gun that you get is epic so dont watch 15ads for the shotgun because it gives you it when you complete a certain level!

Tremayne Dach

I would've given this game a higher rating but the audio in the game is acting up. I don't know what is wrong with it but I can say for sure there is nothing wrong with my phone or my headphones.

Sister Adams

Aaah, this is awkward. All I can see is my own stupid looking face waiting for the game to load.