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Package Name: io.helium.testapp

Developer: 橘橘鏈科技股份有限公司

Category: Free Business Apps

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Version: 1.0.1

Requirements: Android 19 and above

File Size: 4.1M

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電利超商 Screenshot
電利超商 Screenshot


2019 年 7 月,HCAT電利超商®,應運而生。


現在所有流程都由 HCAT電利超商® 為你服務! 在未來的世界裡,HCAT電利超商®的會員只需簡單幾個步驟,就能讓您成為再生能源電廠、倫敦金融大樓、勃根地特級酒莊的主人。

假如您是一位游泳教練,某次比賽過後您想讓您班上的比賽成績讓大家儘量看到,請問您會選擇公布成績單在自己的辦公室? 抑或是選擇公布在大家都會走過路過的游泳池出入口呢? 公布在自己辦公室最安全,但只能請學生自己前往觀看,訊傳遞效率不高;公布在游泳池出入口的瀏覽效果最好,但成績單卻有可能被偷、弄丟、甚至被塗改,真是令教練難以抉擇啊!

還好分散式帳本技術DLT解決了這個兩難。如果您利用分散式帳本技術DLT,將成績單公布在泳池出入口,不僅訊息傳遞效率變高,且成績單也不會被偷、被塗改。為什麼呢? 主要是分散式帳本技術已把成績單內容分散紀錄在不只一個游泳池出入口,若是其中一個或幾個游泳池出入口的成績單不見了,還有其他更多游泳池的正確成績單資訊可以隨時備份回來,完美解決了教練的苦惱。

HCAT®為一具專利的高效能分散式帳本技術協議(Protocal),我們創新並使用了多種分散式帳本技術,讓HCAT®智能合約群(Smart Contracts)能代替人工,幫大家把關資產狀態、太陽能模組買賣、發電收益等等的真實性,並以自動化提升資訊傳遞與市場效率。
HCAT®也以分散式的實質資產的登記狀態資訊提供,大幅改善了實質資產狀態的可信賴性,並以非中心化方式降低出售方/ 平台方的資訊壟斷權,透過技術創新,將原屬於使用者的權力逐步下放給使用者,期能實現高度自動化、非中心化、高效率的實質資產市集。
此外,HCAT®的智能合約群都是開源的(Open Source),在公共空間即可檢視HCAT®智能合約群的原始程式碼,讓您在電利超商®的任何一筆買賣過程都是安全、有保障的。About HCAT Electric Supermarket®
In the face of climate change, there is always more than enough energy? Want to invest in financial management, but feel that it is not allowed to enter? Concerned about sustainable development, but can not stop the energy catastrophe?
In July 2019, HCAT Electric Power Super Business® came into being.
The new-type green energy investment platform, "Electricity Super Business", will bring you together to experience the future of investment and achieve a new era of green energy, and find the best solution that meets the interests of the environment and personal interests.

HCAT E-commerce Super Business® Mission
With the decentralized bookkeeping technology DLT as the core, it realizes a highly automated, multi-centered, secure and secure physical asset trading platform.
Support the development of renewable energy, create the value of green economy industry, and achieve the goal of environmental sustainability.

What can HCAT E-commerce® do?
In the past, investing in renewable energy power plants was a patent of a consortium, a foreign capital or a professional legal person. The investment amount of hundreds of millions of yuan was not accessible to the general public. Even if you have funds, you have to build the power plant's design, construction, and purchase and sale of electricity. After the completion of the construction, you will have to do the maintenance management for the next 20 years. The complexity of the renewable energy power plant has indeed surpassed the general public. The range of capabilities.
Now all the processes are handled by HCAT E-commerce®! In the future world, HCAT E-Commerce® members can make you a renewable energy power plant, London Financial Building, and Boe in a few simple steps. The owner of the Roots Grand Cru Winery.

Why is HCAT E-commerce® worthy of your trust?
Please envision the following questions.
If you are a swimming instructor, after a certain game, you want the results of your class to be seen as much as possible. Will you choose to publish the transcript in your own office? Or choose to announce that everyone will pass by. Swimming pool entrances and exits? It is safest to announce in your own office, but you can only ask students to watch it themselves. The transmission efficiency is not high. The results of browsing at the entrance and exit of the swimming pool are the best, but the transcripts may be stolen, lost, or even Correction, it is really difficult for the coach to decide!

Fortunately, the decentralized book technology DLT solves this dilemma. If you use the decentralized bookkeeping technology DLT, the transcripts will be published at the entrance and exit of the pool, not only will the message delivery efficiency become higher, but the transcripts will not be stolen or altered. Why? The main reason is that the decentralized bookkeeping technology has recorded the contents of the transcripts in more than one swimming pool entrance and exit. If the transcripts of one or several swimming pool entrances and exits are gone, there are other more transcripts of the swimming pool. Backed up, it solved the distress of the coach perfectly.

HCAT® is a patented high-performance decentralized book technology protocol (Protocal). We innovate and use a variety of decentralized book-based technologies to enable HCAT® Smart Contracts to replace labor and help you check asset status. The authenticity of solar module trading, power generation revenue, etc., and automation to improve information transmission and market efficiency.
HCAT® is also provided with information on the registration status of decentralized physical assets, which greatly improves the trustworthiness of the real asset status and reduces the information monopoly power of the seller/platform in a decentralized manner. Through technological innovation, it will belong to the original The user's power is gradually decentralized to the user, enabling a highly automated, decentralized, and efficient physical asset market.
In addition, HCAT®'s smart contract group is open source (Open Source), which can view the original code of HCAT® smart contract group in public space, so that you can safely purchase any of the purchases of the company. Guaranteed.
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