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Discover your favorite dinosaurs at [PINKFONG! Dino World]!
From the mighty T-Rex to the enormous Brachiosaurus.
Sing along fun Dinosaur songs and play interactive games that help kids learn about dinosaurs in the fun and easy way.


1. 12 Dinosaur Songs
- Sing along songs with catchy tunes and fun dinosaur facts.
- 'T-Rex song', 'I'm a Chef Today', 'If Dinosaurs were still alive', 'Dinosaurs A to Z' and much more!

2. Dig Up Dinosaur Fossils
- Be an Archaeologist yourself and dig it up! A big surprise awaits.

3. Interactive Dinosaur Games
- Feed the T-Rex, brush the Brachiosaurus' teeth, and play hide-and-seek with the Triceratops.
- Only a simple touch and drag required for these educational games.

4. Dinosaur Flash Cards
- Learn more about the dinosaurs from the songs and games: the meaning of their names, diet, size, and more!

Sing, play and learn about dinosaurs at [PINKFONG! Dino World] today!

* Optimized for all smartphones and tablets

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Jadyn Treutel IV

DONT DOWNLOAD. Ads take over your phone! Ads will be on home screen even when your not playing the game.

Jocelyn Weber

it is not openings

Oleta Schneider MD

yahoo r yiook

Margaret Dietrich

awesome songs for the kids

Ms. Anya Daniel DVM


Orrin Little


Vickie Gutkowski

hi the app is a so so okay

Mr. Kaley Hamill

It's awesome for my little sister so she can learn about the Dinosaurs. you should get it.

Candida West


Dr. Lenny Rolfson Jr.