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"There’s a million tower defense games but only one like this" - GAMERANX

"Digfender is easily one of the best tower defense games I've played in a long time" - TOUCH ARCADE

Beneath your castle an enemy lies waiting. Grab your shovel and prepare your defenses!

Dig deep into the ground and find valuable treasures and ancient relics to help you on your mission. Then use your loot to build powerful towers, set clever traps and unleash spectacular magic on your enemies.

- Over 70 challenging levels
- 5 upgrade trees to customize your defenses
- Survival mode - challenge your friends to beat your high score
- Leaderboards and achievements
- No paywalls or wait timers
- Digging. Everyone loves digging

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Marty Aufderhar

Digfender is a pretty cool game. Standard tower defense, but with a little innovation in how you get to choose your path. My only problem with the game is that it's a bit too easy. In the beginning you are learning how it works, and getting introduced to the details takes some time. But then there are 40 levels of the same thing: you beat it in 1 try and then you beat it again for the relic. Then randomly there's a couple hard levels thrown in the mix. But getting all 72 relics did feel good.

Miss Electa Monahan II

A slightly different take on the tower defense game. You choose the path down from your castle looking for both resources and relics, whilst at the same time carving out the path the enemies will then travel back to your castle. Multiple plays of the same map are required to unlock the full power of each tower.

Kane Dickens

By far the best free tower defense I've found on Google play. Not overly complex, just the right amount of towers and upgrade options. The \"dig\" aspect works well and allows you to be in control of the path and adds replay value. Great game to kill some time.

Megane Reynolds

Nice tower defence, fully free to play. 5/5 Edit: I already gave it 5 stars, now after finishing I'd give it 6. Perfect difficulty curve throughout the game. It might not have replay value but I prefer it this way, rounded up as it should.

Prof. Ashleigh Goyette

Seemed to be a nice defense-type game but after level 15 it becomes pay to win. This is when you meet the ice elemental. An enemy that is impossible to slow, has a lot of health and on top of that it freezes your towers when it dies. Clearly you have to use powers through diamonds, which is the in-game currency, to defeat them. Bored after a few tries and uninstalled. Don't waste your time unless you want to pay.

Rickie Raynor

It's a good game. Challenging to get through some levels, but that's what is good about Tower Defense games. Enemies are clear; you know them when you see them. It's not a game that I am itching to play since it is rather repetitive, but it is a fun game for me

Dr. Gunnar Renner DVM

excellent tower defense game. i just got 100% completion on the game and didnt have to buy a single thing. they sell some upgrades but they are in no way pay to win. great game devs. looking forward to more

Madeline Eichmann

good for half a game. once you're about 50% of the way through you can continue to play, but won't beat levels unless you use gem powers which are only available through watching ads or paying money. HIGHLY disappointed seeing as how i had JUST spent $10 in game for two new castles and a starter pack of gems which i blew through within three levels, 1400 gems.

Raymundo Moen

Least intrusive free-to-play game I've ever found. Ads are few and far between. Designed with an actual difficulty curve \u0026 little focus on micro-transactions. Simple enough to be a casual game, difficult enough in later levels tonpeovidena challenge.

Dr. Major Crooks

Classic TD. With time, experimentation \u0026 following author's hints, one can complete most if not all levels w/o buying upgrades. Trouble- free interface. A world-class time killer.