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Colorful Piano

"Colorful Piano" for the development of your your sensibility.

"Real Touch Engine" is embedded to deliver an advanced feeling of touch. enstrüman
Lets Play Piano Your. Best piano in mobile devices.
Create your own music.
With 8 note sets, start playing your music.

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Claudie Shields

Nice idea, but SO SLOW! I like the idea of a simple colorful piano for my young son, but this latency is ridiculous. If i play two notes, i shouldn't have to wait half a second for the second one. Half a second is a long time, seriously.

Ms. Lauriane Volkman MD

Too many adds upset my little one because the piano kept disappearing otherwise she loved the noises she could make.... The short times the piano was showing.

Kelley Barton

It's great I'm only 8 and I have a friend who isn't like me so she played on it yesterday and she loved it 🙂🙂🙂 But to many adds

Gabriella Wuckert

you're programs are really nice. But This one needs little new histrionic

Darrin Ullrich

Too many ads.. Bored

Mr. Edgardo Hahn

I am 13years old and l love this game

Karlee Kuhn

My baby boy loves it

Cooper Von


Gay Daniel


Adriel Hyatt

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome