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Best Gautam Buddha Motivational Stories in Hindi Screenshot
Best Gautam Buddha Motivational Stories in Hindi Screenshot
Best Gautam Buddha Motivational Stories in Hindi Screenshot
Best Gautam Buddha Motivational Stories in Hindi Screenshot
Best Gautam Buddha Motivational Stories in Hindi Screenshot

Best Gautam Buddha Motivational Stories in Hindi

Inspiring stories from the life of Buddha

A collection of Buddha Reincarnation Stories and Buddhist short stories. Also known as tales from Jataka, these stories were carried on by generations, and believed to be originally told by Buddha as a part of his teachings of the Buddhist religion. They are rich in moral values, and provide for a wonderful reading, especially to the kids and children. Read these zen tales, and refer them to others.

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At age 29, he left the palace to meet his subjects, where for the first time in his life he saw people who were sick, aged, and suffering. Distraught by how he saw his subjects live when he himself led an indulgent life, he soon escaped his palace and began living the life of an ascetic. He begged for alms on the streets and abstained from physical wants and needs, to the point of near-death.

Gautam Buddha Full Life Story Hindi Siddhartha

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