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Package Name: com.GStudioCenter.Jurassic.Park.Dinosaur.Hunter

Developer: GStudio Center

Category: Free Action Games

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Version: 8.0

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 52M

Jurassic Park 3D : Dinosaur Hunter Screenshot
Jurassic Park 3D : Dinosaur Hunter Screenshot
Jurassic Park 3D : Dinosaur Hunter Screenshot
Jurassic Park 3D : Dinosaur Hunter Screenshot
Jurassic Park 3D : Dinosaur Hunter Screenshot

Jurassic Park 3D : Dinosaur Hunter

In Jurassic Park 3D: Dinosaur Hunter (The world of the most powerful and scary dinosaurs): Set 30 years after the event in the Jurassic Park Park has now become a true dinosaur park. However, this sightseeing area is too absent for visitors, because people no longer chase ancient monsters anymore. To attract return visitors, the high-tech biotech research group at the center of the dinosaur park decided to research and create a new species of dinosaurs, but that quickly became a disaster.
After successfully researching this new dinosaur, the dinosaur park corporation launched the tourist at their own dinosaur park. These include Jurassic Era legend, Rex Survival, Twilight of Dino, Armored Dinosaurs: Ankylosaurus and Stegosaurus, Sauropod Dinosaurs: Brachiosaurus, Theropod Dinosaurs: Compsognathus, Dilophosaurus, Oviraptor, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus, Synapsid Dinosaurs: Dimetrodon, Ornithopod Dinosaurs: Parasaurolophus, Pterosaurs: Pteranodon, Herbivorous Ceratopsid: Triceratops.
The park's process of introducing new dinosaurs is very successful, the number of tourists is increasing, but they did not expect that a disaster of dinosaurs rose and destruction was coming. The mutated cells in the hybrid dinosaurs created the first eye to make this species become stronger and more violent.
On a stormy day at the dinosaur park, as crowded tourists are admiring the surprise of the Rex Survival and Sauropod Dinosaurs that destroy the protective barrier. They defecate out while destroying additional protective barriers in the way they travel. The dinosaurs from the park rushed into hiding to hide and become a very dangerous threat. It can attack people anytime mistakenly protecting their new territory.
Right now, you will have to play a hero with skillful skills. You will lead yourself into the mysterious forest of this powerful dinosaur. By buying and upgrading your gunfire weapons, you will have the power to cope with the most powerful dinosaurs in this mysterious forest. Your mission in this game is to survive and destroy. In the dinosaur garden you will be a hunter to hunt dinosaurs or you can be the target for the dinosaurs to hunt you if you go the wrong way, so in every step of your own, you must be very careful kidney, otherwise it will be the prey of these tyrant dinosaurs.

Featured Jurassic Park 3D - Dinosaur Hunter :
- More 50 weapons and Armor
- Difficulty level gradually increases
- The more you play, the stronger the dinosaur hunter.
- Real hunting experience.
- Funny effects and sounds
- Challenging and easy to learn
- Lightweight game size that runs well on all devices
- Style games for players of all ages

How to play :
Move like casual shooter .
Destroy as many dinosaurs as possible, giving you a lot of money to buy more powerful weapons and armor
And opening up more difficult maps

Enjoy the game!
GStudio Center Team
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