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Package Name: com.tmsoft.compulsive

Developer: TMSOFT

Category: Free Puzzle Games

Publish Date:

Version: 4.2.3

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 21M

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"So minimal, so addictive" -- LA Times. A palette of beautiful colors needs your help to get organized. This quick color matching puzzle game is easy to learn and difficult to put down. Ready to get Compulsive?


□ Addictive color matching puzzle game
□ Multiple Game Modes including Arcade, Strategy, Zen, and Challenge
□ Power-ups: Organizer, Cleaner, Duster
□ Turn-based multiplayer with Google Play Services
□ Beautiful bright candy like colors with a modern theme
□ Awesome animations, music, and sound
□ Play games in 60 seconds, 30 moves, or unlimited
□ Google Play leaderboards and achievements for all game modes
□ Facebook leaderboard on Arcade mode
□ UI Optimized for Android phones and tablets


□ Join four or more tiles of the same color to clear them off the board and score points.
□ White clean tiles will clear all tiles of a specific color off the board.
□ Clear multiple groups of tiles in a single move for bonus points.


□ Power-ups include Duster, Cleaner, Organizer, and Visionary power-ups.
□ Duster removes a tile off the board and counts towards the combo. Use it to start your next combo and score bigger points. Limit 5 per game.
□ The Cleaner power-up removes an entire color from the board. This is just like the white cleaner tile that appears on the board. Limit is 3 per game.
□ The Organizer power-up gives you 10 seconds to arrange the board however you want without any tiles exploding. This allows you to create really big groups and and even bigger combos for a massive bonus. Limit is 1 per game.
□ Visionary power-up is a one time purchase that provides color tile counts on the board on every game played. Helps you to focus on what color to use to build your next group. Also tells you the best time to use your Organizer power-up!


□ Create larger groups of tiles for bigger scores.
□ Use the white tiles to clean up a mess or score some quick points.
□ Set up tiles on the game board so when one group clears others will follow. A bonus multiplier is given on the total number of groups you clean up in a single move.
□ Connect the leaderboard to Google Play and Facebook and crush your friend's scores.

□ "Play Picks", "Abstract Puzzlers", "Brain Teasers" "Multiplayer" "Summer Promotion" -- Google Play Store Featured
□ "Play Compulsive – the game is a time-swallowing monster of addictiveness!" -- AndroidTapp
□ "Compulsive Is a Beautifully Holo Match-4 Game" -- Playboard


□ Suggestion? In the app please tap MORE, ABOUT, and SEND FEEDBACK to talk directly to our team.
□ Problem? In the app please tap MORE, ABOUT, and REPORT PROBLEM which will attach a log file for us to investigate your issue.
□ Like us at
□ Follow us at
□ Visit us at


□ Compulsive will occasionally display ads which you can remove through in-app-purchase by tapping STORE / BUY + / NO ADS
□ All game modes and power-ups can be unlocked without purchase.
□ Adding social networks allows you to see your friend's score. We do not post messages to your wall or your friend's wall. Publish permission required to upload scores to the shared leaderboards.
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  • user Edgar Jurado Junior apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Edgar Jurado Junior

    Not too difficult nor too easy, plus COMPULSIVE allows me to work my exponentialitous eyesxz. Gr8 game as an up \u0026 coming Graphic Design Tech ; Go Green \u0026 GOld Panthersxz!!! PANTHEJJR: PEACE ~OUT N'EXCEL EVOLUTES !!!

  • user Wendy Gold apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Wendy Gold

    Quick, fun game

  • user Tamara Ross apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Tamara Ross

    Addicting game

  • user Dexter Simpson apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago Dexter Simpson

    It relaxes me...

  • user DJ Foster apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago DJ Foster

    Challenging and complete fun!

  • user MELODY TARVER apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago MELODY TARVER

    My granddaughter loves this game

  • user Maribel Gonzalez apkdeer profile image
    5 months ago Maribel Gonzalez

    It's an addicting fun game to play. Once you figure out how to get the highest possible points, it becomes a huge challenge

  • user Karen Eenigenburg apkdeer profile image
    5 months ago Karen Eenigenburg

    It's a colorful, fun puzzle game where you match 4 or more color tiles to get points. It's challenging to see if you can get as many points as you can on a timer or just play a relaxed version and try to beat your score everytime. It has become addictive to me. It is the one app I play constantly and it keeps my mind busy and I'm always thinking about getting a higher score than last time.

  • user mark hyland apkdeer profile image
    5 months ago mark hyland

    Its well named

  • user David Alitz apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago David Alitz

    I find this really addictive. Knocking off a star for the ads.