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Package Name: com.yottagames.gameofmafia

Developer: YottaGames

Category: Free Strategy Games

Publish Date:

Version: 0.1.170

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 54M

大黑幫-the Grand Mafia Screenshot
大黑幫-the Grand Mafia Screenshot
大黑幫-the Grand Mafia Screenshot
大黑幫-the Grand Mafia Screenshot
大黑幫-the Grand Mafia Screenshot

大黑幫-the Grand Mafia

大黑幫-the Grand Mafia是一款大型多人在線&即時策略遊戲。作為黑道世界中一位偉大的首領,您將建立屬於自己的幫派,招募各地豪傑,打造強大的武裝力量,運用多種策略,打敗仇敵,擴張勢力範圍,與百人幫派攜手合作,最終奪得城市乃至國家的最高權力。

☆黑道世界 觸手可得☆

☆全球黑幫 線上競技☆

☆幫派群聚 集結禦敵☆

☆街頭探索 招募小弟☆

☆完整戰況 真實重現☆

☆兵種陣型 運籌帷幄☆

☆打造您的 黑道帝國☆

官方Line: @grandmafiatw
客服信箱: [email protected]


※本遊戲內容涉及暴力(攻擊等流血畫面)、反社會、遊戲角色穿著明顯性特徵之服飾。The Big Gang - the Grand Mafia is a massively multiplayer online & instant strategy game. As a great leader in the world of the underworld, you will build your own gang, recruit local heroes, build powerful armed forces, use a variety of strategies, defeat the enemy, expand the sphere of influence, and work together with the 100-member gang to win the city and even the city. The highest power of the state.

☆The world of the underworld is at your fingertips☆
Challenge the legal system, occupying the land as the king, the thin and the sky, the bloody streets, today you are no longer a bystander, but the creator of the gang, the principal of the black industry, immediately enter the role, become the overbearing tyrant of the people who admire!

☆Global Gangster Online Competitive ☆
Challenge the gangsters from all over the world, make friends with the world, defeat the enemy at all costs, lead your gang to the peak of world glory, and become the godfather of the underworld!

☆ Gangs gather to gather enemies ☆
Join the strongest gang immediately, and help the public to wait for you to participate in the most spectacular and richest battles: gang fight, mayor battle, governor battle, street BOSS crusade, world top ten godfather grab battle, the underworld epic will be rewritten for you !

☆ Street exploration Recruiting younger brother☆
Real-life neighborhood, free to explore, restore the pure experience of evil city! The heroes who are stunted with stunts can not only become a sharp blade for street sweeping, but also become a secret weapon to win when the gang fights, and quickly earn them down!

☆Complete battle situation Really reproduce ☆
The cool 3D mode is perfect for presenting the thrilling fire, and the details of the battles such as containment, assault, street fighting, retreat, etc., are more exclusive, and there are more heroic exclusive combat skills to showcase the authenticity of the iron and blood, and the knife to the meat!

☆Army type formation 运 帷幄 ☆
Thugs, gunmen, speeding parties, armed vehicles, four arms are flexible and versatile, and they are in harmony with each other. Anti-defense is the attack, with less wins, no matter how the battlefield situation changes, the strategist has the world!

☆ Build your underworld ☆
Upgrade villas, reinforce traps, train thugs, invest in the industry, hone heroes, fight against enemies, date beauty, secret trades, and only under your wise leadership, the Uighurs can unite and build the supreme underworld empire!

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrandMafiaTW/
Official Line: @grandmafiatw
Customer Service Email: [email protected]

●Intimate reminder
※The content of this game will be charged separately.
※Please pay attention to the game time, avoid indulging
※The content of this game involves violence (attacks and other bleeding pictures), anti-social, and game characters wearing distinctive features.
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    I can't connect to the game server maybe because I m using a VPN tunneling. Please don't answer me in Chinese because I'll not understand it. I observed that the game creator is answering in Chinese. Please use English like the game language. Thank you.

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    Mad time

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    Destroys your phone battery very bad