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Fidget Spinner - iSpinner apk

Download Fidget Spinner - iSpinner apk for free.

Fidget Spinner - iSpinner apk icon

Fidget Spinner - iSpinner

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    Mar. 20, 2019
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    Android 19 and above
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Fidget Spinner 3D let you play various well-designed finger spinner on your phone. Fidget Spinner simulator is one of the most popular stress relief games in 2017. You can swipe your finger to rotate the Fidget Spinner, keep swiping the spinning fidget to break the spinnin records.

Fidget Spinner game offers up to 30 types of hand spinner in different colors, different shape and different styles. What's more, it offer several Fidget Spinner wallpaper and background which makes the game more addicting.

Download this Fidget Spiner 3D to relieve stress and anxiety now. Challenge your best spins!

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