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Developer: Seak Global

Category: Free Travel & Local Apps

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Version: v1.0.7

Requirements: Android 10 and above

File Size: 15M

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SAFE Global

SAFE is an innovative travel security companion enabling users to connect with family and friends wherever they are in the world, as well as stay updated about what’s happening around them.
Combining a range of everyday journey support utilities alongside a 24/7 UK based Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and Personal Locator Device (PLD) with global capability, SAFE ensures peace of mind at all times.

Features include:

Contact Tracking :-

Find and locate your friends and family in real time. Enjoy complete control over who can follow your location and manage preferences for individual contacts.

Check In :-

Notify friends and family of your location via push notification at the touch of a button. Add and manage contacts to receive your check ins and notify one or all with just a single click.

Geo-Fencing :-

Integrated into contact tracking is our unique geo-fencing capability, enabling you to create a virtual perimeter for you or your contacts, and receive notifications any time they enter or leave the designated area.
View, delete, and create entirely customisable geo-fences easily, always giving you complete control over your activity.

SOS :-

In emergencies, activating the SOS opens a two-way audio with our 24/7 UK based SAFE Alarm Receiving Centre, who are able to live track your location whilst assisting you with your emergency directly or indirectly.
Fully BS8484 accredited and with two fully operational working teams, the Alarm Receiving Centre has authority across the UK to escalate your emergency to the relevant authorities wherever necessary.

SAFE Timer :-

Our unique Timer guardian feature ensures a back-up amber alert notification is sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre, or your primary contact in the event you aren’t able to activate the SAFE SOS.
If the timer expires without your intervention, the SAFE Alarm Receiving Centre will be notified of your alert and live location, triggering a call back to confirm your well being, escalating to an SOS activation.

Near Me :-

displays nearest emergency services (Police, Hospital, Embassy), contact details and directions. Additional favourite locations can be added by the user.

Country Reports :-

downloadable reports detailing important situational information drawn from trusted sources, with the latest alerts and events, all updated as of moment of download.

SAFE Call Back :-

a non-emergency two-way audio connection with our 24/7 SAFE ARC who will ensure a call back at requested periodic points to ensure your well being from the start to the end of your journey.
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  • user Giannis Kintjois apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Giannis Kintjois

    Nice app

  • user Aurang shah apkdeer profile image
    3 weeks ago Aurang shah

    Good app, keep it up SAFE💥

  • user Graham Wheeler apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Graham Wheeler

    How do i get in, i set account, did verification and it confirmed. Then sent back to login screen and then prompts for verificatiin again, just a continuous bleedin' loop. .......uninstalling

  • user constantined hunt apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago constantined hunt


  • user Philip R Buttall apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Philip R Buttall

    I don't like misleading Apps, which say they are free, but, as in this case, only for 3 days! It's usual to have apps that are free, and then, after a month, some of the features lock down and then need to be paid for. I didn't see this when I signed up. Worst, I can't see any way of now cancelling any monthly fee, after the 3 days expire. I haven't clicked Subscribe, as I've no intention of paying for what seems a scam in all but name! Can you please CANCEL immediately, and CONFIRM. Thanks!

  • user Catherine Pettigrew apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Catherine Pettigrew

    Signs you up to a free 3 day trial without even mentioning it it stated free music

  • user S2yed Ftouh apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago S2yed Ftouh

    Very good app

  • user jane harris apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago jane harris

    very good app

  • user puneet khandelwal apkdeer profile image
    4 months ago puneet khandelwal

    Really good app

  • user Cebo the wolf apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago Cebo the wolf

    A really good idea that is useful when going somewhere you don't know so you can feel safer and let friends and family know your safe