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Kids Hospital Emergency Rescue - Doctor Games

It’s a call from ER emergency room, patients are waiting in emergency hospital. Let’s check them them and be a life saver in this brand new hospital games. Hospital Emergency Rescue - Doctor Games provides you the opportunity of doing some study of disease inside hospital emergency room. This doctor games is the best educational app where you can learn how to be the saver of patients. Hospital Emergency Rescue - Doctor Game provides lifeline to patient that are brought to hospital emergency room on ambulance.

Treating patients with kindness using best time management skills that will make little expert hospital emergency doctor. Let’s start with basic health check-up, monitor blood pressure, respiratory system, health and fitness in hospital doctor games. Hospital emergency is full of crucial patients suffering from different injuries and diseases. It’s going to be a tough hospital duty but you will learn many educational things related to human health.


• Learn about basic health in hospital games!
• Treat your patients well when you are on hospital duty!
• Complete challenging and informative levels
• Use medical tools and techniques in this amazing doctor games!

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Margarette Keeling

this app is amazing and is suited for people that dream to be a nurse or doctor when they are older. I would give this 4\\5 because its not perfect because when you come off the game, you have to start the whole surgery bit again.

Hassan Harber

It was very unrealistic because when you gave the person the anaesthetic when you wake up you woke up before he sew him up so yeah. I'm just saying because you don't ever give an aesthetic before the operation which is really unrealistic I just like realistic games don't take it personal but I think you should edit the game and make sure they actually give the person a sleeping pill or something before you start the operation cause if you don't do that like the patients obviously gonna die was it's eye surgery I don't see why you can't do that because butt brain surgery doesn't have brain receptors not pregnant pain receptors so yeah just take my ideas into mine please bye.

Victoria Kovacek

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Katheryn Wilkinson

this game is not realistic it's a game for children very young children. for example nobody goes into surgery awake any surgery done the patient is always asleep because yours too much pain for them to go to during surgery

Jadyn Altenwerth

I like this game but you have to wait and it dosen't really tell you what to do or put anything. It can be very grim and disgusting but fun aswell. I give this game 4 satrs

Alvena Moen

It is a very good game but the only thing which is like fake is without giving the anesthesia how will will the patient control the pain!!So just change that and the controls are not so good they are just OK.But the game is so addictive so please change all the defaults.Thank you

Lucienne Bogisich

i really like to play this game . Although i m a kid and i reaĺly luv to play this game. please install this game and dont forget to rate it with ur own choice stars but i request u all to rate it with 5 stars

Mr. Lance Cormier

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Margie Orn DDS

I really want to be a,doctor. Its just like practicing it and dream come true......

Scarlett Douglas II

Good fun game but once you done all the characters you go straight back to the start please put more ppl in i had to delete it because i finish it for a second time and then realised that it was repeating the characters and injuries i maight Rait it a 4 or 5 if you put louds more characters