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Package Name:

Developer: SimpliSafe Home Security Systems

Category: Free Lifestyle Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 2.19.11

Requirements: Android 18 and above

File Size: 41M

SimpliSafe Home Security App Screenshot
SimpliSafe Home Security App Screenshot
SimpliSafe Home Security App Screenshot
SimpliSafe Home Security App Screenshot
SimpliSafe Home Security App Screenshot

SimpliSafe Home Security App

The SimpliSafe Home Security app lets you control your SimpliSafe security system from anywhere in the world.

Arm and disarm the system, set instant notifications and keep track of everything in an up to the minute timeline. You can even watch and capture live video if you have a SimpliSafe camera.
Editor's Note

SimpliSafe Home Security App is a pretty useful app whenever you need it to use. You can download the latest version of the app which is 2.19.11 from our website for free. SimpliSafe Home Security App apk can be installed to any android devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. You also can check out the website by clicking the link in the description that we put for you in case if you wonder or need. Supported android versions are Android 18 and above. Also please don’t forget that we provide you to download original apk file faster than any other platform that you are going to find. Thank you for choosing our website. Don’t forget to check out other apps those we provide at best maximum download speed.


  • 2 days ago Gayle VanDeventer

    Just updated to version 2.20.6. Best version to date. Putting the status of the system up on the dashboard was a nice touch. I like the new overall layout as well. Using the app is smooth and easy to navigate, and the UI is nice and clean. Good job.

  • 2 days ago michael vasallo

    Makes SimpliSafe even easier to utilize. If I forget to arm before leaving home, its nice to know I can still activate the system or even check the cameras from my phone even on the other side of the globe. Of the three camera systems I have had SimpliSafe's cameras have the fastest connection to view speed.

  • 2 days ago Irving C. Hughes

    Impressive,Easy To Navigate, Dependable, Affordable.

  • 2 days ago Ruben Cervantes

    best security ever

  • 2 days ago Crazy Chris

    awesome alarm system

  • 2 days ago Jimmy Littlejohn

    SimpliSafe is a really good security system, simple to install, easy to maintain, inexpensive. A couple of different payment options, all with no contracts. In the several years that we have had it. we've had one occurrence and it went great. I highly recommend this system. As for the app on the phone it is constantly getting better, all the bugs are being worked out.

  • 2 days ago Andrew Sottile

    This app works smoothly for the most part with no glitches. I wish you could see which sensors are being triggered. I was away and one of my entry sensors fell off the door frame but I wasn't able to determine which sensor was triggered.

  • 2 days ago M Ortiz

    overall good. within the hour you released an app update and introduced a bug in the process. I am now getting a prompt telling me I no longer have a particular service and to call customer service if I believe this is an error. i cant get rid of the prompt

  • 3 days ago Chrissie Siler

    very efficient system. easy to use. excellent customer service.

  • 3 days ago Thomas R. Corradino, Sr.

    Excellent product, no problems !