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Brother Print Service Plugin apk

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Brother Print Service Plugin

The Brother Print Service Plugin enables you to print directly from your Android devices (Android 5.0 or later), to your Brother printer through a Wi-Fi network. As this is a plugin application, you can print using the "Print" option of supported Android apps. Please see below for supported applications (as of March 2015):

- Chrome Browser
- Gmail
- Photos
- Google Sheets
- Google Slides
- Google Docs
- Google Drive

The following print options are available (compatible options will depend on the selected device):

- Copies
- Paper Size
- Color/Mono
- Orientation
- Media Type
- Quality
- Layout
- 2-sided
- Borderless

After installing this application, you must activate it in one of the following ways:
- Tap the icon displayed in the notification area immediately after installation, and enable it in the displayed screen.
- Tap "Settings" on your Android device and tap "Printing", then select "Brother Print Service Plugin". Enable it in the displayed screen.

Please visit your local Brother website for supported models.
*Please note the email address [email protected] is for feedback only. Unfortunately we cannot reply to inquiries sent to this address.

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Hector Spencer

Very poor scanning capability. Very disappointed Brother should create an Android version of the ControlCenter. As we switch over to the Chromebooks in our office, since most of the apps and sites we use are cloud based, we will only buy multifunction scanner/printers that have a good interface with Chromebooks. Brother makes great machines, but it need to create an Android scanning app that works properly.

Miles Schuppe

Works perfectly! I just wanna say that its a shame that this app works so well and effortless but actually getting simple scan functions to work from my desktop is a serious ordeal.... how can they make it happen through a phone so easily but utterly fail on the windows app. get it together Brother... i dont want to transfer everything between my phone and computer all the time

Russel Senger

since the feb 21 update i have nothing but problems printing.. takes forever to find printed, many pdf files will not process, the few that do process and open take forever to process and open which used to be imnediate. very disappointed. seems getting everyone location infomatiion was MUCH more important that good software that works and works fast. word of mouth will spread fast. very disappoited and have spent many hours dealibg with issues since last update. garbage

Dewitt Welch

UPDATE I returned 4 stars because they fixed the f-up from the previous update. Works now. Old review: Since Dec 5 2018 update my printer will not print. It only crashes now because of this plug in. I uninstalled the brother iprint app and plug in and installed 'printer share'. It's the only app that works. I tried 3 other popular ones to no avail.

Otilia Roob

This version and I think couple of versions prior to this don't work correctly. Causes crash, error message or app freeze. I recall this plug-in working fine several versions ago. And made network/wifi printing very convenient from within just about any other app. What changed (other than normal updates)??

Dr. Mallory Ernser III

This is great for producing high quality printouts of both photos and text. It is a great improvement over Brother iPrint\u0026Scan, which only prints poor quality text. The main disadvantages are that only the newest apps and devices are compatible, and that it is slow. My printer is capable of 24 pages per minute, but when printing through this app it barely manages two per minute.

Santina Miller

Daft set up process- Allow it permission! When you install the app, first go to: Settings, Connections, More connection settings, Printing, Tap the Brother Print Service icon, tap the three menu dots on the top right, THEN TAP PERMISSIONS. A one-time pop up box will ask whether you give it permission to print. Accept and the printer will appear in the list.

Armando Harber

Updated to latest version, which is even more useless than the last version I tried. Cannot add printer. How can I print, if Brother's own printer utility can't see a Brother printer? Add the eye-watering cost of replacement toner cartridges and a prematurely failed colour laser printer and it's a safe bet that I won't be buying Brother again.

Mrs. Willie Crooks I

Had app on old phone. Have transfered it to my new phone, and now it doesn't open. Just says its installed. Very very inconvenient. I have given two stars as it used to work seemlessly before this \"upgrade\"

Javier Ratke

Works fine until there's an update somewhere. Phone update? Wifi/Internet/Router update? Stops printing. I have this problem with the 4 plugins I use. Some are less picky, though. Just uninstalled \u0026 reinstalled. If this doesn't work, I usually wait a couple days \u0026 one of them magically begins working again.