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Package Name: com.HonwakaGames.Monopolia

Developer: HonwakaGames

Category: Free Board Games

Publish Date:

Version: 2.03

Requirements: Android 17 and above

File Size: 80M

Monopolia - monopolize them all! Screenshot
Monopolia - monopolize them all! Screenshot
Monopolia - monopolize them all! Screenshot
Monopolia - monopolize them all! Screenshot
Monopolia - monopolize them all! Screenshot

Monopolia - monopolize them all!

Real-time mode released! Of course, you can play the conventional turn system as it is. In the real time mode, there are no turns and all players progress the game at the same time. A free business strategy board game that you can enjoy both board games and RTS (real time strategy)!

Monopolia is a business strategy board game with route branching.

■ Variety of stages with route branching
Besides a simple rectangular stage, there are many stages including route branching. You can enjoy strategic play using route branching.

■ Character's reaction for unique characters
Unique characters on the board move around, and perform motion and conversation according to situations. It is a must-see reaction that the character deprived of money is disappointed.

■ Rules with "movement" to rob shops in the land.
There are several shops in one land, and the player with the most owning shops becomes the owner of that land. It is possible for other players to purchase the shop forcibly, so you can enjoy an excited battle without getting tired until the end.

■ Comfortable operability and quick tempo
The basic play is tap only. you can understand reachable square immediately the moment you rolled the dice. There are ""Auto button"" in various places, and you can enjoy a variety of directing with a simple operation. We emphasized play at quick tempo and realized a smooth game progress without interruption by conversation or effect.

■ Land Owner
There are multiple shops on the land, and the player can purchase each shop. The player with the largest holding shop price in the land can occupy the land and gain various benefits.

■ Land Monopoly
When a single player monopoly all shops in the land, the benefit from the land increase a little.

■ Area Synergy
When you occupy two or more lands within an area, the benefit from the land increase. The more land occupied in the area, the more benefit will be.

■ Area Monopoly
When you monopoly all the land within the area, further benefit will be increased in addition to area synergy.

■ Invest system
Even if you do not monopolize the area, you can upgrade shops.

■ Forced purchase
Shops purchased by other players can be forcibly acquired at prices that are several times the price of the property.

■ Stock
The stock price is set for the player himself, and it increases or decreases by invest etc.

■ There are many other elements.

■Supported language
German(Machine translation)
Spanish(Machine translation)
French(Machine translation)
Portuguese(Machine translation)
Indonesian(Machine translation)
Italian(Machine translation)
Russian(Machine translation)
Hindi(Machine translation)
Korean(Machine translation)
Chinese-Simplified(Machine translation)
Chinese-Traditional(Machine translation)
Thai(Machine translation)
Vietnamese(Machine translation)
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  • user Hatsune Miku apkdeer profile image
    10 months ago Hatsune Miku

    Fun game i love it

  • user Sam Miller apkdeer profile image
    11 months ago Sam Miller

    proper itadaki Street clone. very well done.