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Package Name: com.efun.zhuxian.sm

Developer: Efun Games Co.,Ltd.

Category: Free Role Playing Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.686.0

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 52M

诛仙手游-新马版 Screenshot
诛仙手游-新马版 Screenshot
诛仙手游-新马版 Screenshot
诛仙手游-新马版 Screenshot
诛仙手游-新马版 Screenshot


1. 全新职业天华登场
2. 官方联动敦煌场景植入
3. 全新活动限时开启
4. 全新诛仙卡牌对战
5. 新浮生绘卷录·妙法诸天
6. 仙府优化
7. 炼丹属性预览开启
8. 家族活动优化调整
9. 逐荒行活动改版
10. 其他优化调整1. New professional Tianhua debut
The new professional Tianhua debut, with the sound of the piano as the means of attack, their music is the sound of the teammate's voice, is the enemy's death mass. Invisible can make the surrounding opponents in trouble. Tianhua not only can provide group therapy, reduce benefit control, but also reduce damage and rebound skills. Coco said that both sides of the offensive and defensive are proficient, and it is bound to open a new battle pattern.
2. Official linkage Dunhuang scene implantation
Xisha Pure Land, the fairy world is present. The new official linkage opens, the real scenes of Dunhuang are implanted, experience the lonely smoke of the desert, take a picture of the cave paintings of the caves, explore new scenes, reveal the secrets of the flying sky, and simultaneously open the massive feeder tasks.
3. New activities are open for a limited time
The new event "Scorpion Jiji" is open for a limited time. The team collects the scorpion scorpion, avoids the opponent's skills and the fishermen's army attack. The seasickness mirror operation increases the difficulty of the challenge. The winning reward can be exchanged for various kinds of props in the festival store.
4. New 诛仙卡牌战
The new 诛仙卡牌 battle game is online, 2-5 people play against it, match with massive characters and terrain cards, and reasonably play to win love points, easy to get started and unlock new ways of entertainment
5. New floating paintings and volumes
The floating painting scrolls a new chapter, "The Magical Laws," to provide more Tianhua professional stories for players to explore.
6. Xianfu optimization
1) Xianfu Magical Optimization
The new upgrade of Xianfu phantom, the material, movement, name, size can be free DIY, open the brain hole, create your unique illusion
2) Xianfu New Scene - Sakura Court
Add the fairy scene "Sakura Court"
7. Alchemy property preview is on
In the [Alchemy] interface, you can view the refining properties through the [Refining Property Preview] button.
8. Family activity optimization adjustment
[Family activities] Optimized adjustment, players can complete the family activity task through the copy of [Yunfeng Refining] in the new [Family Activity] interface or go to the temple fair to participate in fun activities.
9. Revising the wasteland activities
Optimized for the pastoral activities, the elite boss attribute will be upgraded according to the server level
10. Other optimization adjustments
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  • user ling neng ho apkdeer profile image
    3 weeks ago ling neng ho

    Good graphic! But money game. Unable introduce other race friend to play together, no language option except Mandarin.

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  • user Gary Hooi apkdeer profile image
    4 months ago Gary Hooi

    [bug] 游戏启动后无法调节屏幕亮度 unable to adjust the screen brightness after the game launched

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  • user Jayne Tung apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago Jayne Tung

    its very good

  • user Monica Chua apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago Monica Chua

    i cant update to the latest version even when i have 4gb space...help. xiaomi...keeps crashing...

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  • user Jacky Shum Kim Cerk apkdeer profile image
    8 months ago Jacky Shum Kim Cerk

    垃圾系统又很亢钱的游戏 炼器制度根本就是噩梦 用元宝开的什么垃圾宝箱 注明有几率掉某种物品都是骗人的 这游戏就是要你充值充值再充值 每天系统屏道出现的信息就是 充值有双倍还有30%的返利 呸 还有多少玩家要被上当 每次更新出来的福利也不都是要玩家充值充值再充值 别以为这游戏会送你什么 根本不可能 呸 我觉得在这游戏里是浪费时间 什么都完成不到 有充值的玩家根本是在烧钱 想玩这款游戏的玩家 请三思。