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Package Name: com.yg.zombiehilltripderbyracing

Developer: Yojoy Games

Category: Free Racing Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.3

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 55M

Zombie Hill Trip Derby Racing Screenshot
Zombie Hill Trip Derby Racing Screenshot
Zombie Hill Trip Derby Racing Screenshot
Zombie Hill Trip Derby Racing Screenshot
Zombie Hill Trip Derby Racing Screenshot

Zombie Hill Trip Derby Racing

Are you crazy about zombie road racing game? Escaping from the zombie boss’ pursuit, racing the hill road to shoot zombies and dash zombies on the trip…

Zombie Hill Trip Derby Racing is a zombie derby racing game, in which you’ll be a zombie racer and drive zombie cars to survive and ear to die. As a zombie car racer, you have two favourites: zombie cars and guns. In this zombie driving game, we provide you with a awesome garage which is full of different zombie cars, kits and guns. You can customize your own zombie derby car to escape from the zombie boss’ pursuit and meet head-on the invading zombies on the hill road and in the air.

The zombie road trip is full of hardships. There are stop zombies in the front, there's a pursuit (zombie boss) in the back. But as a brave zombie racer, no zombies can stop you from moving forward and catch you. After each zombie derby, you will get some coin earnings. And also you can collect coins on the zombie racing road. The further distance you racing on the hill zombie road, the more earnings you will get. And then you can spend the coins to upgrade your zombie cars, buy powerful guns, change new kits, even, unlock more powerful zombie cars.

In this zombie driving game, you’ll face 4 different zombie hill ways, which are full of off-the-road, hills, ups and downs, icing road and high way. Different zombie roads are against different backgrounds, namely, mountains, snowfield, desert and city. To race the zombie roads in different terrains, you can select different zombie cars to adapt to the different terrains when you arrive at a new checkpoint station. Not only can you change zombie cars at the checkpoint stations (staging-post), but also you should select/buy a powerful zombie car or equip your zombie car with more powerful kits and guns at the first headquarter station, which will help you race further and kill more zombies.

In this zombie pursuit game, to escape the zombie boss quickly, we also provide you with 6 powerful robots with different features and skills for each one. Booster and Rocket can give your zombie car a super boost when the zombie boss almost catches you, which will help you throw away the dangerous zombie monster a long distance in a short time. Junkman and Collector can pick up some useful items on the zombie hill road, which will give you unexpected help and surprise. Mr. Drill and Sniper can help you kill the stop zombies in the front, so that you can focus on handling zombie car and making back/front flip. Speaking of which, there is also a useful tip that you’d better try your best to make back flip or front flip in the air, which will generate energy to fill the BOOST BAR. Your zombie car will be given a powerful boost automatically when the bar filled up, which will help you reach the next staging-post (checkpoint station) earlier. So that you can reselect a powerful zombie car, change kits, change guns or even upgrade the zombie car there to adapt to next zombie road tip.

The Zombie Boss is opening a bloody mouth and coming to you! Hurry up! Select a zombie car to equip with weapons and start your crazy zombie escape! The situation admits of no delay…

●2D cartoon graphics;
●Zombie driving game with 4 different maps: mountains, snowfield, desert and city;
●Zombie road racing game with 20 upgradable zombie cars;
●Upgrade Engine to increase horsepower and engine torque;
●Upgrade Tyre to increase the tyre grip;
●Upgrade Chassis to increase the stabilization and manipulation of cars;
●Upgrade NOS to shorten the filling time and increase the boosting time;
●Upgrade Luck to increase the probability of the system dropping items;
●4 different system dropping items: boosting drink, shield, coins and spin coins;
●Zombie shooting games offline with powerful weapons;
●9 different kits: saws, scraper bowl, boxing fist...

☀NOTE: Zombie Hill Trip Derby Racing is a free zombie hill racing and shooting game and supported by Ad
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    8 months ago Gary Kinally

    Too many adds. Poor controls.

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    11 months ago Dante Mass

    Awesome. This zombie game is awesome. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    1 year ago Jetal Rana