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Package Name: com.sega.d2megaten.zh_hant


Category: Free Role Playing Games

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Version: 2.5.02

Requirements: Android 10 and above

File Size: 73M

D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation Screenshot
D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation Screenshot
D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation Screenshot
D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation Screenshot
D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation Screenshot

D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation









「DEVIL DOWNLOADER(惡魔下載者)」,通稱「D×2(D-Two)」。

透過一個神秘男人的引導,你得到了這個力量。你成為守護世界的秘密組織「解放者」的成員,跟著當紅影片上傳者「麥卡金」,逐漸被捲入D×2 之間的爭戰當中。



劇本:深見 真
角色設定:岩元 辰郎

官方網站:https://d2-megaten-l.sega.jp/zhThe mobile version of "True ‧ Goddess Reincarnation" is completely new planning and running!

Inheriting the essence of the "True Goddess Reincarnation" series, such as demon summoning, negotiation, demon fit, 3D maze, etc., to build a game that is most suitable for playing with mobile phones!

■ Full of game elements unique to the "Real Goddess Reincarnation" series!
The "action round battle" that will attack the enemy's weaknesses to improve the battle situation, the "deeds" that can convince the enemy demons to join us to become the Zhongmo, and the "fit" for strengthening the demons are fully reproduced!

■ New elements that meet the characteristics of mobile games!
In addition to the unique elements such as "reincarnation" and "awakening", such as the "original body", there are various new functional elements such as "combat support" in which players in the battle assist each other!

■ Novices can also play with peace of mind!
Auxiliary functions such as "automatic" and "double speed" are very fulfilling!
Those who haven't played the "Real Goddess Reincarnation" series can also enjoy the game!

■ Demon CG beyond the mobile phone level!
Reproduce the demon familiar to the player with high-quality CG modules!
In the demon lineup included in this collection, there is also a series of demons that are the first 3D!

■ The elements that can be played repeatedly are also very rich!
Explore and explore the 3D maze "Aura of the Spirit"!
Competing with other players in the PvP mode "D×2 Duel"!

■ Summon demons in the real world, negotiate with the devil
Utilize the new AR function "Devil Detector"
Summon demons around the world!
Through the successful negotiation of the devil with the AR, and improving the devil's friendship, you can get a variety of props.
In addition, as long as the level of the demonic detector is increased, you can use AR to summon other savage demons to negotiate!

■ Story
"DEVIL DOWNLOADER" is commonly referred to as "D x 2 (D-Two)".
Use a dedicated smart phone software to summon and control demons.

Through the guidance of a mysterious man, you get this power. You become a member of the "liberator", the secret organization of the world, and follow the popular film uploader "McKin", gradually being involved in the battle between D × 2.

The organization of the enemy is called the "Following Group."
They are another D×2 group that acts according to their own ideas.
In order to solve the obstacles that hinder them from reaching their goals, they are quietly excluding those who have a high degree of empathy.

Behind a seemingly peaceful society, people's malice is spreading quietly. The battle between the devil downloaders is also getting more and more intense...

Development: SEGA
Original: ATLUS
Script: Deep see, true
Role setting: Iwamoto

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/d2megaten.official.en/
Official website: https://d2-megaten-l.sega.jp/zh
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  • user Billy Lee apkdeer profile image
    3 weeks ago Billy Lee

    I play the game because I like the story but why do you remove 2 of demons when I didn't cheat

  • user Alexander Poon apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago Alexander Poon

    Legendary Rpg.

  • user 俊成陳 apkdeer profile image
    4 months ago 俊成陳


  • user Yu Ken apkdeer profile image
    5 months ago Yu Ken

    Good Game

  • user A Google user apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago A Google user

    Game is enjoyable, rate of summoning 5* base is at 3%, cost of package in shop is still high. Also, why can't I choose to play English version but stuck with Chinese version? some of the translation in Chinese was not optimal.

  • user Yi-Kai Huang apkdeer profile image
    8 months ago Yi-Kai Huang

    This game is POS. With 3% rate I pulled 177 times yet I only got one. It's about 2.5% probability for this to happen. Such a rip-off game. STAY AWAY!

  • user Kevin Huang apkdeer profile image
    10 months ago Kevin Huang

    can't play English version any more

  • user Ching Kuen Kenneth Wong apkdeer profile image
    11 months ago Ching Kuen Kenneth Wong

    I like this game. I used to play this game on my Sony xperia xz3 and it is completely fine. However, after I changed my phone to Sony Xperia 1, I can't play this game anymore. I can't click the \"agree\" button in the \"user agreement\" page and hence can't play the game anymore.

  • user Vincent S. apkdeer profile image
    1 year ago Vincent S.

    MORONS. English version available in other countries. As usual, HK store only let you install the Chinese version.

  • user Remus Chiang apkdeer profile image
    1 year ago Remus Chiang

    addictive game