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Developer: Wild Foot Games

Category: Free Adventure Games

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Version: 1.0

Requirements: Android 15 and above

File Size: 55M

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Horses of the Forest Screenshot
Horses of the Forest Screenshot
Horses of the Forest Screenshot
Horses of the Forest Screenshot

Horses of the Forest

****Horses of the Forest****

Raise your very own baby horse. Customize your horses color with 8 color options. Explore the high open world in this latest installment of our Epic Quest series. Packed with plenty of surprises, this game will not disappoint. Find the Wizard, and it will become clear . . .

**Be sure and click on the Mini Map to see the entire game map**

The story begins with your young filly. You must help her find the way in this new world. Locate your family members, mark your territory, and avoid the wild animal enemies. This is the land of wizards, magic and adventure. Your horse will build her skill by successfully completing quests. Along the way, you will develop your hunting skills. You will need to drink water and stay hydrated. Be sure to hunt and eat when your hunger level gets low.

We are excited to finally bring a full featured adventure game that many of your have been asking for. We have received numerous requests for a full featured simulator game, so here it is. Horses of the Forest is long form game, with customizable family members, cub training, and magical elements. Collect Gems, Treasure Chests, and Keys to unlock. This game net installment in the Wildfoot 3D Epic Quest series.


-- The app allows you to customize you Horse Color, Markings, and even Call Sound.

Craft your Magic

-- Find the Wizards, Potions, Collect the Magic Books, and Magic Items to Craft your magic spells

Family Members

-- Locate your family members and use them to team up against your enemies.

Epic Cut Scenes

-- Follow along with the story with added cut scenes.

Treasure Elements

-- Collect the keys, the gather the treasure chests, and gems to unlock new app features.

Epic Final Battle

-- The final battle is difficult to win. You will need to use your magic and clan to win the battle.

Animal Enemies

-- Enemies include Deer, Puma, Eagles, Giant Spiders, Scorpions, Wolves,, and many more.

We would really love to hear from you. Be sure and stop by our Facebook page: for updates.

We welcome your constructive criticism. Please email your suggestions. Our focus is making creative 3D games with animals and magic. Animal simulators with something special added. Good luck and have a Wildfoot day!
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    It was fun

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    Amzing Asome Graet Best Good

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    It's Good

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    They were killing me in one hit they would not let me hit them. I hate this app.0 stars

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    It is really boring

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    Hannah loves this game,.

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    This game is so cun

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    It is a very fun game