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Package Name: com.softlab.thief.robbery.simulator.mugged.heister.bandit.stealer.killer

Developer: Softlab

Category: Free Sports Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 1.5

Requirements: Android 17 and above

File Size: 74M

Thief Robbery Simulator Screenshot
Thief Robbery Simulator Screenshot
Thief Robbery Simulator Screenshot
Thief Robbery Simulator Screenshot
Thief Robbery Simulator Screenshot

Thief Robbery Simulator

Welcome to Thief Robbery Simulation 3D game. This game is more like the first person shooter game but this game has the abilities to shoot as well as stealing and driving. In this game, there is also an ammunition store to buy all the items for the ease of stealing. Become the king/queen of thieves and steal the most valuable objects from the houses. Steal the most valuable items and make the house empty. You can steal items until the house owner called the police if he/she called the police then you have to run. You can fight with police because you also have ammunition or you can buy it from the ammunition store. There is also a thrift store to sell your stole items. Stealing in this thief simulation game is fun. “Thief Robbery Simulator” is first thief simulation of its kind with stealth game activates. This thief’s game is all about challenging and exciting game that tests your quest solving abilities for stealing valuable products. Hints & clues are there in the house thief so steal the most valuable items, you can playing this robbers heist game. Steal your way to the top of all thieves’ worldwide experiencing house thief game. if some houses are too far so you can drive through. King/queen in thieves’ line house robbery game challenges you with different kinds of traps, tickles, and police. So be prepared thief for police as you try to take the honor of King in thieves’ line. Can you prove you are the smartest and most skilled thief in the world? Loot your heart out the disreputable thief. This biggest thief is going to steal everything from precious items to old, to those hard to find remotes, money and other items!! Make the house empty by executing the biggest house robbery in the history of thief stealing games & robbery games.

Operate in complete silence and remain undetected as you steal valuable objects from the most home locations. You might have played secret agent stealth game with dishonored stealth hero thief game. But this house infiltration robbery simulator is different from online games. Avoid house owner to make robbery, move corner to corner, sneak past security and execute the successful robbery. It's all part of your daily occupation as a disreputable thief.

The key to completing successful missions in this stealth thief game is remaining undetected. Time is the key to execute extreme robbers’ missions in the allocated time. Clues may lead your way to something more precious and worth stealing. So steal as much as you can in your thief life. Prove yourself a stealth hero in the line of thieves. You often have multiple stealing options; select something which is the most worthy of all in this game. You will simply get into the house for stealing with ammunition. Become a tiny thief stealth hero of stealing games.


☀ Realistic house thief.
☀ Epic sound effects & 3D animations
☀ Intractable objects.
☀ Almost seven(7) types of guns
☀ Realistic cars
☀ Pedestrians system
☀ Police system
☀ Ammunition System
☀ Driving System
And many more.


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  • user Xander Kay apkdeer profile image
    4 days ago Xander Kay

    It always kicked me out the game! 😤😤

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    1 week ago Hang Khach


  • user Patrick Nyamita apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Patrick Nyamita

    Good game

  • user Hunter Fitch apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Hunter Fitch

    Best game ever!!!!

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    2 months ago default don

    The game is so cool😝😝😝😣😝😣😣😣😝😣😝😝

  • user Ryan Devilme apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago Ryan Devilme

    This is trash dev u suck

  • user MasterSRMemeZ apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago MasterSRMemeZ

    Hi im new to the game but can you add a first person camera for the cars you get to drive. Please

  • user عبدالولي الشباطي apkdeer profile image
    4 months ago عبدالولي الشباطي


  • user Lorna Taylor apkdeer profile image
    4 months ago Lorna Taylor

    No help at all so I was so confused on how to make the character move there was no clear instructions on what to do

  • user shahid muhammed apkdeer profile image
    5 months ago shahid muhammed

    good game