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Bark - Monitor. Detect. Alert.

Children spend an increasing amount of time socializing online. Unfortunately, new technology creates new risks. Parents need a smarter solution to help keep their children safe online without sifting through their social media feed or randomly grabbing their child's phone and scrolling through their messages.

Bark detects messages containing cyberbullying, sexting, signs of depression or suicidal thoughts, and many others -- without you having to spend hours reading your child's messages.

You connect your children's accounts and we notify you if and when there's a potential issue. This approach helps to build trust and an open dialog with your family around internet safety.

Bark supports dozens of popular social media platforms, along with email, and Android/iOS text messaging.

This app helps a parent to manage their account, including reviewing potential issues, adding children, and connecting accounts.

Bark for Kids can be found and installed on the child's device at:

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Dr. Dolores Pacocha II

I found the app to be useful for the first few months that we used it. Then last month it used more than a gig of data over a couple of days for one of my kids. This was an issue, especially considering that my kids each only get 2 gigs of data per month. Today it used a gig of data in just one day for another of my children. I have instructed all 3 kids to delete the app and submitted a message to the company asking what changed to make this happen. I will likely be cancelling the service.

Prof. Rhett Barrows PhD

I am doing the trial. I am finding it great so far. My daughter and a group of friends are victims of hacking that resulted in Exploitation. The parents and kids did all the right things, but pretitors evolve so fast, its hard to keep up. This app seems to help me watch over my child, but not spy. It works great alongside Life360, Sentry, and SafeLagoon. We need more apps like these.

Freda Berge PhD

This app is extremely time consuming to even set up properly. Every single app on your childs phone has to be individually linked to your email. With my kid she uses alot of apps for school and her school band. Every one had to be signed into individually connected with my email. Not to mention every app used to run your kids phone has to be connected individually. As you can imagine this easily turns into a several hour event to even get it running correctly.

Brendan Batz

I just got this app and i have already got alerts. I was not aware of a lot of things going on with my kids and i just don't have time tio read every text or email not mention invading privacy makes me feel uncomfortable. This app sores it all and i only need to know the important stuff that matters, not the teenage gossip.

Eddie Jerde DDS

I'm in the middle of a 1 month trial right now and so far I really like it. I appreciate that it only notifies me of potential problems. That way the kids retain privacy overall snd I still know if there may be an issue. I like that I can set it so that the app is more strict or lenient. It also provides you with tips on talking to your kids when it finds different potential problems. There have been some difficulties with setup \u0026 notifications, but overall I really like it.

Art Quitzon

Just got this app today and love it so far. My daughter just got her first phone and isn't super active on it yet, so we (her parents) \"tested\" the app by sending some questionable messages to her phone, and sure enough, Bark caught them and notified me almost immediately! Another thing I noticed - I read back pretty far in the reviews and it is clear that the developers really listen to user feedback and use it to make the app better. Looking forward to using it more!

Prof. Ernest Cremin

reading the kids app Bark complaints helps me know that this works. i have an 11 years old and will be giving her a phone very soon. i will be using this app for sure.

Prof. Orion Gutmann

stop spamming my cell phone for ratings. ive had the app for like 10 could you solicit feedback so quickly

Kade Bernhard IV

Bark is a great app to help protect your kids. Works best if your child has social media apps. Helps monitor if there are any concerning conversations (talking about drugs, suicide \u0026 other hot topics). Will alert the parent if there's anything that needs to be checked out.

Lola Bednar

Great tool for the scary world of tech and teens. They can have some privacy but I can rest easy knowing I will be alerted of any sketchy activity. Well worth the money :D