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Package Name: com.ipieta.ipieta001

Developer: iVerbum

Category: Free Books & Reference Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 3.7

Requirements: Android 19 and above

File Size: 15M



Localized in English.
English prayers and Bible are preloaded.
Content from all languages are downloadable within this app.

• †: Prayers
• A-Ω: Douay-Rheims Bible
• Trad, Novus Ordo: Traditional or Novus Ordo liturgical calendar
• V: Veritas or "Truth" contains many spiritual works.
- A ⬇︎ indicates that the Work must be downloaded. Tap the cell to download the work; long-press the cell if want to delete the work. You can download ALL of the Veritas works by long-pressing in the Root Veritas Table
- Download all of the Veritas works for a language by long-pressing the table cell the Root Veritas Table
• Bookmarks: Create bookmarks for prayers, Bible, and Veritas works

Data in several Languages
Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Latina, Türkçe, etc.
Tap the upper-left button for Bibles, Prayers, and Veritas Works in other languages.

• Indexed Tables: Most tables have an index to the right which scrolls the table to that data.
• Left or Right Swipe Text: Go to the next or previous page.

• ▶ : Audio is available for a prayer when the title is precede by ▶ .
• Download, play or delete audio: Long-press the table cell.
• Pause or Resume Audio: Tap the options menu or long-press a table cell.

• ? : Tap icon to search text for current document.
- Tapping in Veritas searches ALL Veritas works; tapping in root Prayer and Bible tables searches all prayers and Bibles; tapping in root Veritas table searches all downloaded data.
• Long-press table heading: Search those books in the heading. Searches only that section for prayers or individual works.
• Long-press Veritas table cell: Search that work.

Options Menu
• Versions…: Open the current Bible text with a different version of the Bible.
• Languages…: Open the prayer or Summa Theological article with a different language.
• Night Mode: Change to a dark background for low-light conditions; or change back Day Mode.
• Share: Share the current text.
• Settings: Change color preferences and calendar preferences.
• Help: Return to this help page.
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    2 months ago Debra Cantera

    Great Book

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    2 months ago Dibakar Guha

    Dolorous passion of christ is not installed properly. Plz see into it. Thanks.

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    2 months ago Joy Forever

    Very useful...thanks for this app.

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    2 months ago Don Q

    Trad calendar crash issue fixed. Perfect. Thanks.

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    2 months ago Jimwell Panopio

    Long live the Church! Very helpful ?

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    2 months ago Onyido Dominic

    Very good app

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    2 months ago Gloria Tapia

    Bless the people who made this app. It is so wonderful. Thank you so so much for it.

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    2 months ago alphonsus ukwu

    Can there be any rating greater than 5 star? This application remains my best ever. God bless you all for this.

  • user Richard Martin apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Richard Martin

    A wide range of Catholic prayers, and Catholic writings along with the Bible in an easily transportable form. Staggeringly good .

  • user Joseph Fergusin apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Joseph Fergusin

    Brilliant app thank you so much love it