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Package Name: com.mujoysg.rxsgydb

Developer: MUJOY PTE. LTD.

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Requirements: Android 15 and above

File Size: 99M

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Facebook官方主页地址: https://www.facebook.com/rxsgydb"The Three Kingdoms Mobile Edition" is a war strategy mobile game of the Three Kingdoms theme. In the game, we will play a prince, rise in the grasshoppers, recruit the heroes, and broaden the ranks of the military, become a party and compete with the forces of the various parties. Determine the ultimate winner and win the Three Kingdoms.

[Hundreds of famous players, Ju Ying Juyi]
Nearly 100 famous three countries are scattered among the states. You can find them by searching for them, recruit them, and take hundreds of names to the bottom. More than 20 hottest goddess Yu, Guo Jia, Zhou Yu, Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, etc., are also waiting for a wise monarch to come.

[Famous city competition, Kyushu]
If you want to rise in a troubled world, you must have one's own power. Attacking the county seat, robbing the county town, fighting the state city, commanding the various roads, leading a million soldiers, all the obstacles on the road before the road, this is a world-famous war, only the true hero can laugh to the end.

[Joint Alliance, Group Heroes]
Wu Hao still knows how to unite, how can you fight alone? There are still many like-minded people in the world, and they can form alliances with them, and they can attack and retreat. The horn of the assault sounded, and the army rushed; the wolf smoke for help was floating, and there were also reinforcements. Together with your allies, insert the banner of victory in every corner of the map.

[Hero epic, written by you]
The story begins when the Yellow Turban Army is unveiled, but the ending is up to you. The development of history is not static. From a civilian to a vassal worship, from borrowing a nameless to a separatist party, together with the 18th princes to punish Dong Zhuo, the final step will be taken by you.

The so-called world is out of my generation, and I am rushing into the rivers and lakes. Welcome to the "Three Kingdoms Mobile Edition", to see the scenery of the Three Kingdoms, the Eastern Han Dynasty heroes, and the people to a journey through time and space, strategizing, and winning a thousand miles away, write a chapter of their own hegemony.

If you encounter any problems during the game, please contact us via Facebook. We look forward to your valuable game comments and feedback. I wish you a happy game~
Facebook official homepage address: https://www.facebook.com/rxsgydb
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