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Do you have a winner? Check all your favorite Idaho Lottery Scratch GamesTM and Draw GamesTM with this new Check-a-Ticket app quickly, easily, anytime, anywhere! Simply scan the barcode on your Draw Ticket or Scratch Ticket and this app will tell you if you have a winner. It’s that convenient. It will also save your ticket to a list that will allow you to check the ticket again. Never misread a winning ticket again with the Idaho Lottery Check-a-Ticket App!

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Dr. Larry Medhurst PhD

Scanner doesnt work, all you people saying it does and were stupid can suck it. Just because yours works doesnt mean its the same deal for every person and phone, so who is the stupid one?

Horace Daniel

This app works great for me. I'm wondering if maybe the bad reviews are from people scanning the wrong barcode 🤷🏽\u200d♀️ Scratch the ticket throughly \u0026 scan the barcode on the front of the ticket, not the back.

Prof. Ally Kling

App works good for me. Seems like maybe it works for some phones not others, instead of arguing over whether or not it works and calling eachother liars we say what kind of phone we have so ppl reading the reviews know whether or not it might work for them.. Samsung galaxy s7 :)

Jakayla Murray

Focuses my camera roughly from one foot to three feet. Too far away to scan a barcode clearly. I wish it had a manual focus mode, currently does not fiction correctly.

Misty Stoltenberg

Pack status not valid for cashing is all I get.?. Not sure if this app works! I do have a very new phone.

Etha Crona

Useless. Worked 1 out of 5 attempts. One time it wouldn't scan, the other 3 it said Network Error. Super slow even the 1 time it worked.

Dr. Jaylen Hills I

App works fine for me on a galaxy S7. Literally just scanned a PB and MM \nticket. People below me (like Blind) are having issues, but for some reason \nhe thinks if he has a problem then everyone does. I'm not a bot or \ndeveloper lol. Oh and if it works for me I'm apparently lying? Rubbish, \npull ur head out of ur booty. Blind must have gone to school at Berkeley or \nmost likely a competing developer. Either way don't call others liars when \nyou are the one with the issue. Be productive.

Prof. Maximillian Gusikowski Jr.

stupud that theres no option to list the barcode numbers if the barcode itself os too damaged. waste of phone space

Lazaro Littel DDS

Doesn't scan any bar code. At all. Samsung s8, sorry. Anyone saying it works is a bot or just some dev for the app. It DOES detect qr codes, enough to say it's invalid. So, ya know, useless. Again, anyone saying it works is blatantly lieing. Also, if you're writing in your review how bad this app is and how it's broken DON'T GIVE IT 5 STARS!!!

Albin Zieme

Scanner doesn't hold steady long enough to take photo. The best app for this is the Tennessee lottery. There s not a better scanner I've found than theirs.