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Developer: Adevote Interactive

Category: Free Educational Apps

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Version: 1.1.1

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 43M

Brain King - IQ Crush

Your mind rebels at stagnation? You need problems? You love the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis?
Get any chance to play with BRAIN KING- IQ CRUSH?
Emm… better not. It will be a hard time when you finally realize that it is you lowers the IQ of the whole street.
It’s too difficult for ordinary brains—as you may know, I often cry because others are sooooooo stupid—our game community gets the same feeling, btw.
As a matter of fact, BRAIN KING- IQ CRUSH is the most difficult brain teaser game in the world, and also the most subversive game with unusual solutions.
You don’t believe it? Just come to try!
Oh, before you dive into it, don’t forget these—two most helpful hints for ordinary people:
• When you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
• Never make exceptions. An exception disproves the rule.
Recite and repeat them during your game hours. ? Clues will come towards you.

BRAIN KING- IQ CRUSH is a free brainteaser game.
Compared to play by the rules, we prefer to play pranks. Hence, the solution subverts normal thinking is the best part in BRAIN KING- IQ CRUSH. We'll be very glad if you were stuck in a level, LOL.
You can try to solve the puzzles outside the box, and try to conquer us with your intelligence.
❓ Unexpected operation
? Coolest atmosphere
❓ Funny content
? New levels that keep updating
❓ The game designer needs some punches

Are you ready?
1. If you want show off with your friends but could not pass many levels either, we can share some answers secretly. Contact us via Email: [email protected]
2. You can get some hints in our Advertisements. Yes, the ads.
3. There might be some helpful info on Facebook:
Just check them out via liking us.
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    2 months ago Hunain Israr

    Very good

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    2 months ago Menka Kshitij

    Nice game

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    2 months ago Rashi Gheewala

    I? this game It is very nice??

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    2 months ago Afreen Bobi

    Doesn't download at all very very bad app????

  • user Queen Gucci apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Queen Gucci

    The game is hard but fun

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    2 months ago ronaldo diaz

    its fun

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    2 months ago gulfisha shaikh

    Amazing game

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    3 months ago Raghu Raghu

    Nice app ??