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Package Name: com.exceednet.medicinesnotebook

Developer: EXCEED CO.,LTD

Category: Free Medical Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 4.3.2

Requirements: Android 15 and above

File Size: 9.0M



/*****  主な機能  *****/ 











※QRコードは、株式会社デンソーウェーブの登録商標です。Do you have a medicine notebook?
It is safe to have it in the event of an emergency, but I think there are few people who always have it.
So how about managing the contents of your medicine notebook on your smartphone?
With a smartphone, you can always check the medicine you are taking when you need it.
Of course, it also provides convenient functions as an application for smartphones.

/ ****** Main functions ****** /
・ Use of QR code
Compatible with electronic format (Ver1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2), out-of-hospital prescription two-dimensional symbol recording condition rules (Ver1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4), and the format of the pharmacy.
If you have a QR code in writing from a hospital or pharmacy, you can easily register.

・ Alert display at the timing of taking
Asa, Hiru, Yoru, before meals, between meals, and after meals.
Also, you can change the time of each medication, so you can set the timing that suits you.

・ Easily record medication
Just tap the medicine you took from the list, and you can easily record your medication without any hassle.
In addition, a memo function is also available, so you can take notes of your body temperature and health status of the day.

・ Schedule is viewed in calendar
You can check the date of appointment or medication in the calendar or the date you entered the memo.

・ Check remaining number and re-create taking schedule
When the remaining number check function is set, an alert is displayed at the specified timing.
“Ah! I have only one day, but I do n’t have time to go to the hospital…” I'll alert you before this happens.
You can also re-create a schedule when you missed a dose.

・ Manage hospital information together
You will be able to check it right away when you asked, "Which hospital did you get this medicine?"
You can also register the hospital phone number and the name of the doctor in charge.

・ Manage family members and caregivers together
You can manage the medication schedule for not only yourself but also your family and caregivers together, so you can use it with confidence.

・ Register various schedules
In addition to taking schedules, there are functions for registering schedules such as vaccinations, hospital visits, and regular checkups.
When the registered date and time are reached, you will be notified by an alert, so you can manage various schedules.

・ Reliable backup function even when changing models
By performing backup settings, the registered contents are automatically backed up to the cloud server.
The prescribed contents and various schedules can be restored at any time with the latest status.
When you change the model or break and replace the terminal, you can use it immediately by restoring from backup.
Of course, the cloud server is backed up in an encrypted state, so there is no security concern.

・ Group function
Group function can be used from Ver4.00.
This function manages the use of multiple smartphone users.
This is a useful function that informs the administrator of the situation of taking or forgetting to drink.
* A separate license must be purchased to create a group.

/ *************************** /

Even if you were told that you had forgotten when you were asked about the medicine you are taking at a hospital or pharmacy, now you will see the screen of this app to check your history. Let's do it.
Please take and manage your health with this app.
* QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
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