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Package Name: com.everbytestudio.interactive.text.chat.story.rpg.cyoa.duskwood

Developer: Everbyte

Category: Free Role Playing Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.2.8

Requirements: Android 19 and above

File Size: 30M

Duskwood - Crime & Investigation Detective Story Screenshot
Duskwood - Crime & Investigation Detective Story Screenshot
Duskwood - Crime & Investigation Detective Story Screenshot
Duskwood - Crime & Investigation Detective Story Screenshot
Duskwood - Crime & Investigation Detective Story Screenshot

Duskwood - Crime & Investigation Detective Story

A realistic criminal case featuring real people… including YOU!
Fans of criminal case investigation games 🔍, watch out: The next episode of the interactive murder mystery story 🔪❤️ Duskwood is finally available! Start your adventure and solve the mystery!

It's been 72 hours since Hannah disappeared without a trace. Out of nowhere, her friends suddenly receive a message from the missing person's phone. The mysterious message only contains a number... your number!
This is how your investigation story begins: Will you be able to find Hannah? Will you be able to protect her friends and yourself against the evil? Outsmart the killer and become a hero in this detective murder mystery story!

🔎 Investigate in an exciting criminal case Collect hidden evidence, talk to many different characters and solve mysterious puzzles
🤔 Make decisions/choices Be real! Be yourself! This crime investigation adventure is about you!
🎬 Images, voicemails, mini games and videos In addition to text messages and choices, you can expect varied media and game content
❤️ Make new friends Join the crew and make new friends. But be careful who to trust...

Join the start of the new murder mystery series! Download Duskwood and start your investigation story now!

STORYDuskwood is a small, sleepy village surrounded by a dense forest. Strangers rarely get lost in this remote area and when they do, they always describe the place as weird or even scary. The locals of Duskwood have never been worried about this. However, in the last 72 hours, many things have changed and even among the villagers concerns are growing: A girl has disappeared and the mysterious legends that are surrounding the ancient forest seem to come alive...

😱 Realistic & Exciting Crime Fiction Play the interactive mystery novel in a real messenger
🤫 Secret Agent Spy Mode Secretly read chats of others. Psst…don't get caught!
🎮 Completely free to play You don't have to spend a buck if you don't want to
🏆 From the author of Dead City Duskwood is the brand new criminal detective story game by the author of the worldwide hit Dead City. Head into this new investigation story game alongside thousands of fans!
🧩 Additional crime content and updates The games criminal case is constantly being developed. The next update will be released soon!

Download now, become a detective and outsmart a killer in a thrilling criminal case investigation! No worries - Duskwood will remain free in the future, too! You can support the development of the game through in-app purchases if you like ❤️

Be a part of the Duskwood Crime Series right from the beginning! Play Duskwood now!

DUSKWOOD IS RELEASED IN EPISODESWe decided to publish the interactive story Duskwood in episodes. Not to annoy you - quite the contrary! It was important to us that you could start right away, even though the game is not finished. While you're already searching for Hannah, solving puzzles and making decisions, we're working on the sequel. Your feedback is important to us. If you have any suggestions, please email us at [email protected] 🙂👍

SOCIAL MEDIAhttps://www.facebook.com/PlayDuskwood

HOW TO PLAY? DECISION GAMES, TEXT ADVENTURES, CYOA?You are connected to your friends in Duskwood via chat messenger. Your answers, choices and decisions influence what others reveal of themselves, whether they like you, and even change the course of the story. This type of role play game (rpg) is also called text adventure, cyoa, decision- or choice games. It belongs to the genre of interactive crime fiction.

To make things even more thrilling, the murder mystery story in Duskwood evolves around you. You are part of the story and investigate undercover - similar to Sherlock Holmes or a secret agent.
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  • user Tatiana Pinto apkdeer profile image
    4 days ago Tatiana Pinto

    There should be an option for speed 4 in reading it's too slow, the minigames are very boring and i just got to episode 3 and nothing is happening (just when it got mildly interesting)

  • user Alice Oana apkdeer profile image
    4 days ago Alice Oana

    Got bored from the 1st minute...

  • user Sasha Bernaz apkdeer profile image
    4 days ago Sasha Bernaz

    The minigames are impossible

  • user Gabriel Piriz apkdeer profile image
    4 days ago Gabriel Piriz

    Very interesting and fun. Only complaint is the mini games are too frequent. I get that it's to make you want to buy more hearts to keep trying but it's a little excessive when you unlock the next part and it's a short conversation versus the beginning of the game where you're getting a lot of information before a mini game.

  • user Rachel Yarscavitch apkdeer profile image
    4 days ago Rachel Yarscavitch

    I downloaded this game it looks good but every time I go to start the game it doesn't load it just goes back to the home page.

  • user Emilie Proctor apkdeer profile image
    4 days ago Emilie Proctor

    Love it!!!!!!! Really fun but not super horror themed like other games in this genre. Great mystery, and fantastic characters. The phone calls really bring it to the next level! I have played a few other games like this, and it is the best by far!

  • user Tema El apkdeer profile image
    4 days ago Tema El

    Addicted can't wait for next episode ❤❤

  • user Luis Sanchez apkdeer profile image
    4 days ago Luis Sanchez


  • user Vandal S.M.H apkdeer profile image
    5 days ago Vandal S.M.H

    Good luck !

  • user Sarah Issa apkdeer profile image
    5 days ago Sarah Issa