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Package Name: com.fastamharickeyboard.typing.easyamharictext.inputmethod

Developer: 9appstech

Category: Free Tools Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 1.8

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 9.7M

Fast Amharic Keyboard-English to Amharic Typing

A phonetic keyboard designed for the Amharic users who love to type in Amharic through Amharic keyboard. Do you want to type words in your own language? This keyboard provides you Amharic language keyboard So, you can type or write through Amharic keypad. Now translate from English to Amharic, using Amharic Keyboard for Android with this easy translator app. Just get English Amharic Translator app downloaded in your mobile and start translating. Its a easy to use app with beautiful User Interface Design. This Amharic keyboard Typing app can be used for all kinds of applications where Amharic input is required.

With Amharic Keyboard you can write all Amharic Alphabets, letters and words very quickly and easily.Type In Amharic is a free transliteration tool, Using this app you can type in English and get the text converted to Amharic language.This app - Amharic keypad - helps you to communicate with your world in your own language. Communication in your language brings you closer to your people !

Do you find it difficult to type Amharic words and Amharic writing in your android mobile keyboard? Then english to Amharic converter will help you to write in roman english as it is english Amharic keyboard so it will convert that roman english in Amharic automatically , now anyone can write even though they don’t know how type in Amharic . So this english to Amharic converter is convenient to use for anyone.

App features :
- Translate easily from English to Amharic, No need to copy and paste from different places.
- In-build Amharic keyboard given within the app itself. You can directly type in Amharic using this keyboard. You don't need to download any Amharic keyboard application from the play store.
- Copy and Paste features. You can copy the translated text Amharic or English, and use it anywhere you want.
- Use default keyboard and type in Amharic
- English to Amharic converter-convert english into Amharic
- Next word suggestion
- Friendly interface and easy to use features.

This Easy Amharic typing keyboard app is for those who want to type their own language through default Amharic keyboard. Now you can chat on social media, you just write in Roman english and easy Amharic keyboard and english to Amharic keyboard change it in Amharic input.

How App Works?

After installing Amharic keyboard for android , you are free to use by pressing “Enable Keyboard” & choose this Keyboard. This keyboard works as default keyboard in android phones/tablets for typing/texting. Just type in English and press spacebar your English word will be converted into Amharic script automatically.

Install Asan english to Amharic keyboard . Enable it in settings with Amharic keypad embedded.
How can I enable it and set it as the default keyboard and how to use Amharic keyboard?
Open Amharic keypad and then add this keyboard in your settings.
Open Settings -> Language & Input, under “KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS” section, go to Current Keyboard -> Choose Keyboards -> Check “Amharic Typing”. Then you have to select Amharic keyboard as input method .When typing in an input box, you can also change the default input method by clicking the keyboard icon on the bottom right corner of the screen and can also disable that Amharic keyboard .

We hope you will like our Easy Amharic keyboard & Amharic Typing App. So, download and enjoy this Amharic keyboard and don't forgot to give us your feedback.
So, we can provide you more good work as per your feedback.
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