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Package Name: com.keepers

Developer: Keepers Child Safety

Category: Free Parenting Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 1.1.18

Requirements: Android 10 and above

File Size: 12M

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Keepers Child Safety Screenshot
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Keepers Child Safety

Don’t let your kid become a statistic!

Keepers is an easy to use parental control app that helps you build a safe, healthy digital experience for your families. Keepers monitors texts and social media platforms on your kids’ phones and immediately alerts you about any suspicious behavior including cyberbullying, harassment and other online risks. Unlike other parental control apps, Keepers prioritizes your kid's privacy by only displaying texts that have been identified as suspicious.

Why use Keepers?

Save time and peace of mind - Say goodbye to manually reviewing texts across different texting platforms and social media apps. Say hello to automatic monitoring and reporting of any suspicious texts.

Ensure a healthy digital lifestyle - Get daily updates on new app downloads, phone usage statistics and screen time. Make sure your kids are using their smartphones in a healthy, safe way.

Rest easy when your kids are out - Live location tracking means you can see where your kids are whenever you feel the need. Get instant updates if your kids enter geographic areas that you have defined as off-limits.
note To see the location of your child the GPS must be activated and the phone must be connected to the internet.

Balance privacy with safety - Keepers is the only parental control app that prioritizes your kid's privacy by only displaying specific messages that have been identified as potentially dangerous.

From The Deutsche Welle: “Keepers is an Android app that uses artificial intelligence to detect hateful and offensive language on a child’s smartphone and alerts the child’s parents.”

Other goodies you get with Keepers
• Get alerts if your kids’ battery falls below 10% and when your child's connectivity is on/off, so you don’t lose touch.
• Be in the know if your child is expelled from a group chat.
• Understand how your kids use their phones with automatic daily reports and usage statistics reports.
• Acronyms and emojis detection.
• Ad-free means we will never use your child’s information for any commercial purposes.
• Uninstall protection prevents kids from uninstalling Keepers from their Android devices.

Instant protection for your family

1. Install the app on your device and create an account.
2. Install the app on your child’s device using the same email and password you used to register the app on your device.
3. Complete your child’s registration process.
4. Congratulations, you’re good to go!

How to uninstall Keepers from the child’s device?
You can uninstall Keepers from the child’s device by entering a unique pin code - located on the parent’s setting page. After entering the code, please log out and uninstall.

Support and feedback at
[email protected]
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  • user Tali Perzov apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Tali Perzov

    חוויתי קצת אתגרים בהתחלה אבל אין ספק ששרות הלקוחות עזר מאוד. המענה מהיר עזר לי מאוד ולכן אעניק 5 כוכבים.

  • user Noa Fredman apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Noa Fredman

    Great app, very intuitive, has a few bugs i hope will be fixed soon, but great app overall

  • user Михаил Спиридонов apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago Михаил Спиридонов

    אפליקציה מצויינת. לא יודע איך היינו קודם ללא היכולת להגן על היקרים לנו מכל. חובה לכל הורה...ממליץ בחום

  • user Yuvalreis Yuvalreis apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago Yuvalreis Yuvalreis

    Great app!!! Every parent should use it. Now I sleep better at nights. Thanks Keepers!

  • user Merav Salomon apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago Merav Salomon

    Best parental control App out there.

  • user dwight shrute apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago dwight shrute

    this app only separates and creates mistrust between the parents and the child. The fact that the parents cannot let the child do anything without them knowing is a huge sign of overprotectiveness. it will have big negative effects, you just have to choose to notice them. Dont download this app.

  • user Avi Lazarovitch apkdeer profile image
    4 months ago Avi Lazarovitch

    האפליקציה הטובה ביותר לניטור הטלפון של הילד, התראות עבור שיחות פוגעניות, מיקום ומסלולי הליכה, הגבלת שעות שימוש וחסימת אתרים לא ראויים כל זה מלווה בשירות לקוחות עם מענה מהיר (במייל) ויעיל יוצרים חווית שימוש מעולה למשתמש

  • user Lior Joy Ochaion apkdeer profile image
    4 months ago Lior Joy Ochaion

    .אפליקציה מצוינת. כל הזמן מוסיפים עוד אפשרויות. עובדת מצוין. גם כשהייתה לי בעיה אחרי שדרוג התמיכה התכתבו איתי להסברים ואפילו התקשרו עד שהבעיה נפתרה. עובד איתה עם 2 הילדים שלי תיאומים בני 10. אין ספק שאני יותר רגוע כשיש לי את היכולת לראות איפה הם, לדעת שהם מוגנים מתכנים והודעות פוגעניות. התוספות החדשות של מידע על גלישה מעולות. ממליץ בחום לכל הורה

  • user Marjola Shehu Lorenci apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago Marjola Shehu Lorenci


  • user Yarden Shechter apkdeer profile image
    7 months ago Yarden Shechter

    Superb app, totally life changer