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DIY Fashion Star - Design Hacks Clothing Game apk

Download DIY Fashion Star - Design Hacks Clothing Game apk for free.

DIY Fashion Star - Design Hacks Clothing Game apk icon

DIY Fashion Star - Design Hacks Clothing Game

Move over, DIY girls! There’s a new DIY Fashion Designer Queen in town - yes, that’s right - YOU!!! Jazz up your wardrobe with amazing stylish fashion DIY projects! Dress up in your restyled outfits and show off your DIY fashion designer talent on your video channel - gain a huge fan base!

You’re about to blow the world away with all of your fabulously stylish DIY fashion design skills and get creative with superfun DIY dress up projects. Use your imagination and turn your ordinary clothes into OMG-to-die-for stylish DIY dress up outfits! Got a boring old blouse? Reshape it, style it, decorate it, and make it a trendy new tanktop! Take selfies with your stylish new outfits and fashion creations and compete in selfie contests! Run your own fashion designer channel and post videos of your DIY outfits. Take requests from your followers.

> Complete awesome DIY fashion design dress up clothing projects - turn your boring old clothes into amazing new outfits!
> Cut out patterns, sew on decorations, and add splashes of color onto your fashion designs!
> Manage your very own DIY fashion designer dress up video channel. Upload videos of your creations and gain followers.
> Get ready to take specific requests from your fans - if they like your new fashion videos, you’ll get more likes. If they don’t… you’ll lose likes. So make sure you do a good job!
> Take stylish selfies with your DIY fashion designer masterpieces and compete in selfie contests against other DIY-ers!
> Use your camera to take pictures, and then add the pictures onto your fashion design DIY creations. Want to feature your cat on your DIY dress? Or to make a best friends t-shirt with you and your BFF on it? The possibilities are endless!
> Get a stunning makeover to look extra pretty in your DIY clothes!

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Dr. Dawn Jakubowski I

what the heck?! as first i liked the game, got to first place, but when you decide, \"Hey, i dont want this reward anymore,\" on an, 'watch an ad and you get this' it locks it! and, after 1 day of using 2-3 shirts, it locked them! it definitely want you to buy to get everything in the game. i thought this was a nice game! designing clothes was fun, but now i cant even make the shirt with a heart cut out! (bc its locked 👿) i had 3 stars but made it 1. bad game! 😤😢😦

Berta Schmitt Jr.

I Think I will never regret or delet this game because 1 it is the best 2 I think I should do this to my clothes 3 it is entertaining to me and my siblings. bad news:1 I want everything unlocked for free!

Heather Schaefer

I love this game, this is my favorite game ever, I know you like other games too, but. You never play. Games like this, this is the best game ever .if you play this game, you're gonna Play and play and play this game And. don't forget Download this game the best game ever😘

Tamia Satterfield

this is a nice game but why is every thing locked and why you have to buy it with real money ( who the hell would waste money for such a dumb game ) please fix this problem please unlock everything . i hope Mr editor would find my review and fix this game

Garnet Ullrich

i loved this game but many dresses and also hair saloon part is also unlocked i want all of them right now

Prof. Thomas Bechtelar

I love to Diy my own clothes and it is great to do it digitaly. The cool part abot this is because their are people in the game that can give you commpliments and also they can give you cratics on what you desings look like

Lois Bogisich

in this game all the styles are lock what is non sense i am fed up with this game

Carolyn Kling

This was nice when I looked at a video and some of the items were opened, but suddenly all these items were locked again and now it is very stupid, all coco apps only wants money, I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to download Coco apps, please don't, don't do it, games are made to be, fun and entainning not frustrating and greedy.

Lisette Aufderhar

so many ads and Evan when you pay for them to go away that just don't I've payed for the ads to go away fore time worst game ever! I recamened never downloading this game ever!!! 😲😲😲😲👹👹👿👿

Abel Hackett

It's awesome ! and i even made a black star woven with white and colorful stars and a skull ! i love my skirt and also a made a shirt with rainbows and oranges ! and also made an gray photo !