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Package Name: org.ngs.geobee.geobee

Developer: National Geographic Society

Category: Free Educational Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 1.0.2

Requirements: Android 19 and above

File Size: 89M

GeoBee Challenge

Hello GeoBee players!

The Android team at National Geographic Society is proud to announce the all-new GeoBee Challenge app for Android!

We have re-built the app from the ground up, improved the map & photos and fixed some pesky bugs. We are so excited to share it with the amazing GeoBee community.

This is a challenging game, so it's not for beginners...but do keep in mind that the National Geographic GeoBee is meant for kids in grades 4-8. Are you smarter than a 4th grader?

Three types of game play make sure you really know your stuff and never get bored.

In the multiple-choice round, answers come from a library of more than 1300 National Geographic GeoBee questions. In the map challenge round, you zoom, pinch and tap your way to find spots on an interactive map from a catalog of 1000+ locations. For an added challenge, bonus rounds include compelling National Geographic photographs where you have to locate what's in the photo on the interactive map...only we don't tell you where the photo was taken or what is in the picture!

The faster you answer, the more points you get! You have to keep up the pace to move on to the next round.

About National Geographic GeoBee:
Each year thousands of schools in the United States participate in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography. Schools with students in grades four through eight are eligible for this entertaining and challenging test of geographic knowledge.

"GeoBee makes an excellent companion for long train rides or meals with dull people." - Slate

“Grab It. The first day of school is just around the corner. Here (is) an app that can be packed in alongside your kids’ pencils and notebooks.” – New York Daily News

MOBI Award FINALIST - Best Mobile Game 2010
Editor's Note

GeoBee Challenge is a pretty useful app whenever you need it to use. You can download the latest version of the app which is 1.0.2 from our website for free. GeoBee Challenge apk can be installed to any android devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. You also can check out the website by clicking the link in the description that we put for you in case if you wonder or need. Supported android versions are Android 19 and above. Also please don’t forget that we provide you to download original apk file faster than any other platform that you are going to find. Thank you for choosing our website. Don’t forget to check out other apps those we provide at best maximum download speed.


  • user E H apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago E H

    Wow! Fast-paced geography questions to flex your mind muscles. Highly recommend!!

  • user Oliver Graham apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago Oliver Graham

    It just sucks?

  • user sisyphus purged apkdeer profile image
    5 months ago sisyphus purged

    You cant expand the map .. so your constantly way off with your finger .

  • user Heidi Halpern apkdeer profile image
    5 months ago Heidi Halpern

    Touch is either too sensitive or mot sensitive enough. Questions very repetitive. Doesn't give you correct answer during map portion of the game

  • user The next level artist apkdeer profile image
    5 months ago The next level artist


  • user greenlee tube apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago greenlee tube

    Great learn alot

  • user Remi Banner apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago Remi Banner

    Helpful but Reptative

  • user Satya Mukkara apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago Satya Mukkara

    worst educationl game ever

  • user Bryan Fong apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago Bryan Fong

    Some of the pictures have no unique visual identifiers, like you're supposed to find a rock outcropping over water on the world map with no other clues.

  • user Reyna Tufte apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago Reyna Tufte

    I ended up getting 2nd place in the Geography Bee for my school! I think this really helped me.