Kids task timer - visual timer for kids apk icon

Kids task timer - visual timer for kids apk

Download Kids task timer - visual timer for kids apk for free.

Kids task timer - visual timer for kids apk icon

Kids task timer - visual timer for kids

This app is a great timer for kids daily routine tasks such as taking a shower, using the toothbrush or their favourite reading time. Many kids don't understand how to read a clock yet or even a concept like "you have 10 minutes time left!" - this app will perfectly work without those. It teaches them self discipline in a funny and non teacher-like manner.

Audio and visual alerts help to keep track of their schedule.

What suits children will also suit the parents: any kind of schedule like class work, repetitive or ad-hoc sequences of tasks or even sport workouts can be simply scheduled.

Time is a game played beautifully by children. Happy timing!

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Alisha Torphy III

just down loaded this app to see if it might help my child. i wish there were more specific icons. task might be showering however an icon for soaping up or washing body. shampooing hair. then rinsing off. also i wish it did not look so baby like. i hope to use this for my son who is a teen but has challenges. o he may not like the face this design is made to look like an app for a toddler.

Prof. Anissa Oberbrunner

Extremely limited. You can only use the icons provided and the selection is extremely scarce. Also, after creating my bedtime routine only 2/6 icons even showed on the timer. Great concept but not useable.

Krystina Stokes

I love the idea of this, but is there any way to have it operating in the background?

Alexandra Carroll

While it is a great, clean design, there is one major fail. If you finish a task ahead of time, there is no way to be done with it before the timer runs out. Its in 5 minute increments. So if you finish something at 11 minutes, you must wait until the full 15 minutes have passed 🙄 that is very annoying. I love the layout, the images, and the colors. But the inability to skip a task when it is complete is a pass for me.

Alvera Maggio

This application has two most important attribites for me - it's simple to \nuse and it's very useful. With small changes in task settings I can create \na lot of different tasks for my children and for me as well 😊

Grayce Ratke

Love the engaging icons and pastel colour scheme! Very simple to use. My \nonly issue is that the minimum block for a task is 5 minutes. Can you bring \nit down to 1 minute?

Mrs. Raquel Klocko

Almost perfect and 100% FREE As the parent of a autistic spectrum child, this app is exactly what I needed. Pleasing pastel colour scheme and nice rounded UI make keeping time a soothing experience for my son. While I give it five stars for being absolutely free and just about perfect, there are a few things I would tweak: * The ability to set time allotments that aren't just in five minute slots, and/or a \"jump to next task\" button * To keep the \"almost out of time\" alerts but turn off the INFERNAL TICKING SOUND ^_^ * Add a donate option so I can support your work Thanks for this app and for listening!

Glenna Berge

Good to hear that the skip feature will be added. I also think that there should be an option in the settings to let each timer run onto each other without having to press a button each time. It could also indicate how much extra time you spent on the task. I'm trying to find an android substitute for the ios app Routinist- I found it close to perfect for me!

Dr. Kendall Hoeger

It really works with my kids! No more need to repeat things over and over \nagain !

Santiago Zieme

I'm ten and I love it I can get ready to go in 30 minutes! I highly \nrecommend this app to anyone ages 5 to 12!👍👍👍