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Package Name: com.phaseyap.smart_simulation_soccer

Developer: phase yap

Category: Free Sports Apps

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Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 18M

Smart Simulation Soccer Screenshot
Smart Simulation Soccer Screenshot
Smart Simulation Soccer Screenshot
Smart Simulation Soccer Screenshot
Smart Simulation Soccer Screenshot

Smart Simulation Soccer

[ FREE ] To win the legend teams, or to become the legend? Authentic text football simulation game!!

Smart Simulation Soccer O.L.E.K.A.N. is text log football simulation game. Every exciting games with visual graphics are not all.
This app is free to play, there is no accounting element. Advertisement in the app only.

[ 80 or more teams, 3000 or more players appeared ]

This game is to become strong team by earn "pt".

Your team in League Mode never be same team because there are many players.
Capture method is also different by players that could be acquired.

Qualification is severe, but you will be able to match an opponent that can not match usually by win the league.

Day to beat the "LOS GALACTICOS" or "EL DREAM" or will come?

[ Various Formation System ]

Formation System of 16 has been prepared in advance.
Classical 4-4-2, 3-5-2, modern 4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-3, "False 9" also.

Systems can change easily to touch, so you can adopt customized formation.

[ Specific tactics ]

You can tune the tactics of attack, pass, and defence, in specific.
Defence line and Pressing Line are also tunable.

You can adopt the different tactics like that, such as to dribble to attempt a cross from right flank, to drift into the box from left flank.
You can also adopt long ball, and also adopt linking by short pass.

Available to use quick tactics, such as "Kick and Rush", "Pressing Forward and Fast Break", "Possession Football" and so on.

[Style of Play]

Every player has "Style of Play".
You can affect by indicating, but some actions of players based on play style.

The ball into behind space by "Creative Passer" that prefer to attempt thorough ball, Connecting by "Line Breaker" who prefers to aim behind space, and shooting it.

Early cross from "Crosser", attempting by "Centre Forward", picking up loose ball by "Clinical Finisher" and shooting it.

[ Awakening ]

Match experienced player becomes to "Awakening".
Player was awakening will be able to play an active part than a star player at a high salary.

Of course, you do not need to say if a star player was awakening.

[ Team Result ]

You can check the results of past from the start of the game.
You can confirm only total score in the League, but also the results of each opponent also.

[ Hall of the Fame ]

You can see a record of the former players who belonged to your team.
Player to make a record that exceeds the record of more than assisted recording and scoring record of legend of your team or will appear?

[ Exhibition Match ]

You can match with favorite team without qualification against every team in Exhibition Match.
You cannot earn "pt" in this mode, but you can use that legend team also.

[ Rename ]

Members that belong to the local team will be able to change the name of your choice in League Mode.
In case changed name player left your team, his name will remain.


Ver 3.x update

1. Match Engine updated. (version 3)
2. Fast forward button for Match View added.
3. Other team info added. (from Schedule View)
4. League score ranking and assist ranking added. (from Schedule View)

Note: Game balance changes because of new Match Engine.
Note: Other team info, league score ranking and assist ranking will available next season.
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