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Bubble Shooter

Classic bubble shoot eliminate shooter game, exquisite picture quality, fun levels, no wifi, free, best time to pass the game!

Welcome to the happy life of a dinosaur mom, cute dragon babies hiding in the depths of bubble jungle, slide your fingers, eliminate colored bubbles, pop, pop, look, baby dragons were you found.

How to play:
- Aim and match the bubble you want to shoot in the bubble.
- Match 3 or more same bubbles.
- Remove bubbles to find cute baby dragons.
- Click on the props in the game, the use of props allows you to easily through the game
- The game will give you the stars based on your performance in the game, the higher the score the more stars
+ High quality and good music
+ No wifi can play
+ Completely free
+ Well designed level, not only fun but also a lot!

You can download it for free for your kids or girlfriends or old parents.
I wish you a happy life here!

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Dr. Vickie Huels V

I downloaded this game 3 days ago and I'm addicted! I love that it's not insanely difficult to get 3 stars, sometimes on the first try and sometimes after several, but this game does not make me angry trying to beat a level like most all the other games like it. The graphics are cute too. The ONLY reason I didn't give 5 stars (I give it 4 1/2) is because the adorable dinosaur whistles CONSTANTLY through the game, you can't make it stop, and it drives me crazy! PLEASE make it stop whistling??!!

Damon Gibson

one of my favorite GAMES to play! And I have only been playing it for about two days! Love it! One of the first games I can actually win! Thank you for the marvelous colors and ease of playing! Still playing one of my favorite games that I am totally addicted to! was locked out of my phone for 11 days and went crazy without it. Totally worth the time to play. I was up to level 3 or 4 hundred when I got locked out. Very happy to be back! Just wish I could continue on from where I was before.

Darren Feest

Folks, hit your 'back button' to forgo the ads. It's really fantastic and the music that comes along with game is easy to listen to,it reminds me of the Pixar movie themes. I love this game. Unfortunately my cell crashed and I lost my progress, was at level 1379, ahh well, downloading to my tablet and will restart this game over. That's just how GREAT THIS GAME IS.😀

Estel Bartell

This is such a great game and I would give it a 5 star if the whistling stopped and the ads were less intrusive. Come on guys you don't need this many ads! Plus it keeps kicking off and very slow to load. Please fix so I can give you a 5 star rating. I like every aspect of this game and changing it to 5 star....but please lose the whistle...please!

Annabelle Legros

Good game, fun, easy to play and not a memory hog. It loses 2 stars though, 1 because it has video ads and the other because I'm not happy about the fact that you're advertising a CASINO APP in a PEGI 3 RATED GAME. That's not on; all casino apps are 18+ only. Are you trying to get kids into gambling? Please remove these ads - for \"Huuuuuge Casino (they feature an Irish Leprechaun) - right away!

Vanessa Hilpert

ok so my 2 cents. game is ok minimal @best..need harder levels.. something to make it challenging. And WAYYY TOO MANY pop up adds. everytime you want to do something oh there another add. wanna play the next lever..no here's an add. wanna us the blue dude for special move..no here's another add. not addicting because every level is vasically the samenand i just started. so ya..my 2 cents

Millie Rice

good game easy to play. far to many ads pop up, before after and during a game if you use the bomb dinosaur. needs to be a ad free payable option for it. also needs accounts so you can transfer all your levels onto a different device other than that I'm enjoying the game so far. just cut back with the ad spam

Merlin Schinner

really fun game, but beware...its very addictive but the whole point is to make you watch tons of ads showing preatty cool offers. do not buy anything from those ads. i learned the hard way, most of them are scam. I've got fooled and lots of other people as well. should have researched before buying from one of those sites..my fault. if it comes from google should be safe... big mistake.

Diamond Ortiz

First off, to rate the game, the app gives you two options. \"Yes, I like it\" or the other option is \"No, I want to complain.\" Pretty passive aggressive. It's not complaining, it's leaving an honest review. So here comes the honesty. Literally no challenge to the game at all. It's definitely not the worst game I've played, but you don't have to try to beat it; it's a 100% pass rate, ALWAYS. Plus ads before, during, and after every single level. If you like games that offer no challenge, is riddled with ads, and like wins handed to you, then this is the game for you. Otherwise you're wasting your time with this game.

Wilton Douglas

I like the game, easy to win levels, just enough of a challenge to keep me interested, but not so hard that I lose lives. a few levels are ridiculous to get 3 stars... there is the challenge. I love the dino's! I wish that when you have the multiple bubbles showing and you know the next shot you need a pink one, and the pink one is next... the game will change the next one! that is why I gave only 4 stars.