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Batch Geocode - Multiple stops route planner apk

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Package Name: com.mapamai.maps.batchgeocode

Developer: Sales Master Map Labs

Category: Free Maps & Navigation Apps

Publish Date:


Requirements: Android 14 and above

File Size: 7.2M

Batch Geocode - Multiple stops route planner Screenshot
Batch Geocode - Multiple stops route planner Screenshot
Batch Geocode - Multiple stops route planner Screenshot
Batch Geocode - Multiple stops route planner Screenshot
Batch Geocode - Multiple stops route planner Screenshot

Batch Geocode - Multiple stops route planner

Sales route planner for Professionals

Multiple stops route planner
It’s easy to put your spreadsheet data on a map, or add multiple points manually. You can move multiple points by simple dragging map marker. Track sales and use this app as your CRM mate.

Sales route planner
You can increase field reps productivity by planning route on your mobile device and using our route optimization algorithms.

Route planner multiple maps - multiple markers
You can add easily multiple stops on the map (just press on the map).
Use batch geocoding with Excel, csv, kml or gpx files.
You might only have zip code or city name, or you could have a complete address. You can always create copy of your map. Customer location map shows customer density.

Map customers
Visualize your data (sales, map customers, competitors, multiple stop) easily, save it on your mobile device and access the address list and maps from anywhere. Create groups of locations and identify business trends.

Map your excel location data with Batch Geocode - best in class batch geocoding
Many people and organizations use Excel documents to store location map data in the form of addresses, zip codes, cities, and states. Batch Geocode lets you easily create a map from your Excel (XLS) spreadsheet data.

Features of our mapping software that can help you in your sales work:
✓ route optimization & directions - map the most efficient route between multiple stops
✓ easy to use multiple maps with multiple stop, points
✓ territory mapping - use as many colors as you need to group your pins
✓ filter tool - filter your data by name, description, date, modification date, etc.
✓ add, move and delete markers manually
✓ crm and route planner always in your pocket
✓ use zip code to add marker or find location
✓ save, edit and create new maps
✓ it's mobile Mappoint alternative
✓ route planner free up to 10 markers
✓ Canvassing - Door to Door
✓ territory mapping design thinking
✓ import multiple stops (muliple locations) from csv file or Excel
✓ multiple map markers application
✓ geocoding with Latitude and Longitude in csv/xls file
✓ field sales can prioritizing visits: filter and color code by pipelines status, value, priority or similar to select the most important customers to visit
✓ plot multiple stops on a map
✓ import multiple locations from csv file
✓ edit marker title, description and group
✓ unlimited markers per map
✓ you can use this app as canvassing and Door to Door tool
✓ support for kml and gpx
✓ map customers in your best in class sales terrritory mapping app
✓ map the most efficient route between multiple stops
✓ Easy-to-use location map software helps create customers maps with multiple stops

Batch Geocoding
Create a sales route map from your Excel data (xls & xlsx). With Batch Geocode, you can geocode automatically list of multiple locations, stored in csv file (comma delimited), or perform geocoding for single location.

Door to door sales app
Sales tracking app and sales route planner with muliple stops for sales people and sales reps to manage sales route, increase revenue, improve sales team productivity, and shorten their sales cycle.

Marker Grouping Tool
Select any of your data columns and Batch geocode will assign unique marker colors to each location type (e.g. zip code or address). Multiple map markers application.

Why you need a field sales app
☆ you can map customers with multiple stops route
☆ add new leads easly
☆ daily route overview with multi waypoint route planner
☆ route planner with power of Google Maps geocoding and route optimization technology right on your device
☆ you can create daily routing map, and then copy map, edit map, etc.

Best Sales Territory Mapping App
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  • 3 days ago MK Parker

    only give a to b nothing more juat like the original gps

  • 6 days ago Michael BROWNING

    This app would benefit from operator identifying where the start and end point of a journey are, and let logic work out optimised route between those points. Would be more efficient if contacts could be added directly from personal address book.

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  • 1 week ago dave narczyk

    was brill.iant but had an update now it's too complicated I've gave up trying to use this app

  • 1 week ago DutchTalib

    10 free entries is better than nothing

  • 1 week ago Ricardo Lara

    Looking for a map app with this feature

  • 2 weeks ago Steve Weathers


  • 3 weeks ago April Dyche

    Hate it! Difficult to maneuver and I've tried unsuccessfully over and over to find any account settings to cancel my account. I guess that's how they keep you after the \"3 Day Free Trial\"

  • 3 weeks ago Edgar Portales

    very helpful

  • 4 weeks ago Staphanie C

    would not open keeps closing app can not get app to work