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Package Name: com.blade.shadowcloudgaming

Developer: Blade Group

Category: Free Entertainment Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 2.2.2

Requirements: Android 21 and above

File Size: 31M

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  • user Nicholas Richardson apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Nicholas Richardson

    Really need a fix on resolution detection for the Android TV app. I'm very frustrated that Shadow always thinks my Sony 4K TV is 1080p, so I have to keep using custom resolutions and manually change it in Nvidia settings. This makes the game launchers useless on the app menu. Please fix. I want to enjoy your service.

  • user KL Brey apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago KL Brey

    Since introducing Boost and gaining servers across The US, I've returned to Shadow and pleased to be back. I love the virtual PC I rent and its 1080 graphics. The only downside is storage but I'm making due with 256GB through this lock-down.

  • user Mr Brian Show 316 apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Mr Brian Show 316

    I can't pay a month I don't want why 😑

  • user Patroclus apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Patroclus

    I am rating the app, not shadow services. This app is broken in so many ways. For starters, if I multitask while using shadow, or if I close the window for a few mins, I will be greeted with \"starting shadow\" perpetually without it ever starting the video. I then need to fight for 10 mins to get it to finally restart. This process means multiple relogins due to forced logouts, and fighting with the \"refresh game list\" because the app lacks a \"shut down your shadow\" feature.

  • user Robert Vreeland apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Robert Vreeland

    Start the app Select 'show desktop/load a game (Starting shadow) (Connecting to shadow) (Waiting for shadow) (Waiting for video) Then it just kicks me back to the main menu. If it does load the game/desktop, the graphics card isn't detected. Have to start all over again. After 2 hours of shutting down shadow pc and app to fix the problem. NO LUCK, this has been a issue for over a year and still not fixed.

  • user Froza Horizon apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Froza Horizon

    wowsome super duper hyper cloud gaming pc for android

  • user TJ Rivera apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago TJ Rivera

    With the price reduction and the new nation wide availability, I'm cancelling my GeForce now subscription as I write this! I signed up for shadow 1 year ago but it wasn't fully supported in my state and the price was too high. My experience then was still great, with awesome technical support that answers quickly and actually cares and appreciates their customers!

  • user Bill Goodwin apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Bill Goodwin

    Would be nice if it worked AT ALL. Ive tried so many different kinds of controllers. Nothing works. This service is absolute trash. What a waste of money.

  • user Tavon Brown apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Tavon Brown

    Just updated now I'm getting a black screen other then that I love Shadow but can't access right now 😭

  • user Corey Kinard apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Corey Kinard

    App works decent, however there is no real support for Chromebooks. While the app runs flawlessly, controller input isn't being sent properly to Shadow PC. Come on Shadow, spend some development time fixing this and opening up yet another audience for your service.