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Package Name: com.morphonix.brainplay

Developer: Morphonix LLC

Category: Free Educational Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 1.0

Requirements: Android 18 and above

File Size: 53M

Brain Play

Brain Play is a free app that introduces Morphonix’s NeuroPlay Adventures series. You meet characters representing important parts of your brain through a song bursting with energy and enthusiasm. The colorful characters help children remember and relate to the five major parts of the brain while learning what each one does.

The music video plays like the opening number of a show and emphasizes that all the parts of the brain work together like members of a troupe or team. Children can also meet each character individually and learn about the brain parts in greater depth by viewing the “Meet the Parts of Your Brain” playbill.

Brain Play is a great way to get an overview of the brain and its functions. It’s also a great way to start playing Morphonix’s NeuroPlay Adventures series. The mobile apps, stories and songs in the series introduce children to the workings of the brain in a fun and engaging way. Although designed for kids 5-8, all ages will enjoy Brain Play and NeuroPlay Adventures.


In Brain Play, kids will discover what the five main parts of their brain are and what those parts help them do in their daily lives. They will also gain the key insight that the brain parts do not work alone, in isolation, but all work together.

By using the app, children will understand:

• Your brain has different parts that do different things.
• Your Cerebellum helps you balance, dance, ride a bike.
• Your brain is responsible for everything you think, feel, see, hear, do, and remember.
• Your Brainstem is the oldest part of the brain. The Brainstem helps you breathe, swallow, blink, and more.
• Your Cerebral Cortex is the largest part of your brain. It helps with thinking, decisions, and creativity.
• Your Amygdala is a part of your brain that helps with your feelings -- like when you feel happy, sad, mad, or surprised.
• Your Hippocampus helps you remember facts and events — like all the things you learn in school.


Morphonix is an award-winning developer of learning games that teach children about neuroscience and their growing brains in a fun and engaging way. Awards for previous games include Common Sense Media ON for Learning Award and Parents’ Choice Gold Award.

To play more of Morphonix ‘s award-winning games, visit:

"Morphonix approaches learning about the brain so subtly and invitingly, the players don’t even recognize the are being taught. Better yet, they seem to remember the details of what they have been through."
-- Floyd Bloom, MD, Professor Emeritus, The Scripps Research Institute

Development of this app was supported by the National Institute of Mental Health of the National Institutes of Health under Award #R44MH096339. The content is solely the responsibility of the developers and does not represent the official views of The National Institutes of Health.
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