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Stream Live, Follow Your Favorites, and Find Every Live Game

Finding where to watch, stream, or listen to live sports is simplified with Bleacher Report Live. We pull together all of the places where you can watch and listen to your favorite sports. You tell us the teams and leagues you love, and we’ll tell you where to find them live.

Use Bleacher Report Live to:

Stream live sporting events from leagues like UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, Alliance of American Football, NBA League Pass, National Lacrosse League, ONE Championship, NCAA, PGA, World Armwrestling League, ELEAGUE, International Field Hockey, a number of international club soccer leagues and much more. All live events, with the exception of NBA League Pass games, are also available as replays.

Now you can use in-app purchases to buy pay-per-view games or monthly and annual passes for your favorite sports. Stream the games you buy through BR Live on your iPhone or Apple TV, as well as on the web (, and other supported smartphones and connected devices.

Find and follow your favorite teams from leagues around the world, so you never miss a game.

If we don't carry the game, we'll let you know how to tune in. Enter your location and tv provider (if you’ve got one) and we’ll show you the local channels, apps, websites, and radio listings where games are airing, as well as local sports bars where fans are known to gather.

You can share with friends, so you can watch with your fellow fans.

* UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues
* Alliance of American Football
* NBA League Pass
* National Lacrosse League
* ONE Championship
* International Soccer
* International Field Hockey
* A variety of NCAA Sports
* World Armwrestling League
* ITTF (International Table Tennis)

* College Basketball & Football (Men's D1 Basketball, FCS & FBS)
* Soccer - MLS, EPL, La Liga, UEFA Champions League and other European and North American Leagues, Cups and Tournaments
* Much more

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Wallace Hyatt

I have a Samsung S2 tablet and an S9 phone. Not exactly trash devices. BR Live is incapable of determiming my location on either. I live down-effing-town Cleveland. Google maps, the Dominos, Uber, a dozen weather, and cell tracking apps can often find THE FLOOR of the building I'm in. 7 days of trying with this and I can never pass 'Determining Location.' Amateur ish display of IT engineering. Worthless. Dan Patrick's Debut on a \"Great Platform\" proves BR is nothing but a backwater.

Dr. Rozella McClure II

great in principal.. installed specifically for the Dan Patrick Show \u0026 in Canada we are blocked from streaming. -- thanks for the response. once available in Canada will download again.

Lane Gibson

zero stars if i could. i downloaded this for my chromebook with the only intention of watching the one AAF game bleacher report airs each week. guess what? the brl media player doesn't work on chromebook. how? why? dumb. i guess i'll find other ways to watch the one AAF game each week since bleacher report isn't smart enough to make it work with chromebooks. also, when you email these people they are rude over email. i wish nothing but the worst for them.

Ronny Mitchell

This app is absolutely pathetic. Video says \"Your event will begin soon\" while the game has been going 15 minutes. Finally found out I have drag the ball along the video line to watch, only for it to disappear when I go full screen. When I do go full screen, the video reverts back to \"Your event will begin soon.\" UCL royally screwed this one up. Only way to watch is on the computer. This app is trash. Update: app was ok for a few months, now it won't let me watch. \"did not recognize location\"

Westley Grant III

500 characters isn't enough. Usually streams just don't play. IF a stream plays it will be of circa 2005 flash quality and/or have audio out of sync. Tell \"live support?\" Only if you want to waste more time \"troubleshooting.\" ZERO: the number of combined times my ~20 other streaming choices have tried to \"troubleshoot\" their streaming problems - over more than a decade. B/R, if you need to \"troubleshoot\" then your service sucks. It should JUST WORK - like ESPN+, Netflix, Prime, Fubo, Hulu, etc.

Rhianna Wolff

This is as terrible as they're saying. I bought the Arsenal game today, and thought I did not face any issue in starting or viewing the game, there was a lag in the audio which was super annoying. Customer support told me to try after 30 mins when the game was over and that the I can view it \"on demand\" later. Why would I do that? I want to watch the game live which is why I bought it! What a joke!

Mr. Marcelino Feest Jr.

While the concept behind this is great, this app is completely frustrating to use. I paid a monthly subscription to watch games \"live over everything\" and struggle to even get live events to play. Still seeing \"your event will start soon\" 20 mins into a game just doesn't feel great.

Angelo Konopelski III

Can never load a game without issues. I pay monthly and for what? To see half a game because the other half is connection problem, screen blackout, screen freezing. this app is terrible and if i have to have it again for the next season, then believe me i will not. fix these issues you want to have some of the best sporting events. i dodnt even mention the problems i have using their desktop form. even worse. worst streaming service i have. glad i can drop this app soon!!!

Mr. Frederick Nolan III

UPDATE 2019:bleacher report went wayyyyy out of their wheel house for this one. just stick to instagram posts. this app/website is just aweful. no matter where i am, how much data or internet i have, it never loads more than a minute of watchable football. on top of that its impossoble to ever find the games if their not on the popular games list. so much improvement is needed. go talk to espn or nbc and learn how to stream sports./// THE APP HAS NOT FIXED ANYTHING.

Baby Hills

horrible app don't waste your $I purched a single game on Uefa Champions League i couldn't see it tried to get the problem fixed after a gazillion of people on live chat with I got a gazillion of answers and nothing got fix , I lost only $2.99 but still I won't b broke but I would like to help people to avoid the scam. I pay though Google Pay .B/R should have better people to help to fix the issues and give an exactly what the problem is , HORRIBLE STAY [email protected]