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Altec Smart Security System

The Altec Smart Security System app allows you to easily connect and control your Live Video IP Cameras via any mobile device from anywhere and to setup your Live Voice Speakers to control your smart home with your voice.

With the Altec Smart Security System app, you can see what is going on in your home 24/7. Get automatic alerts from your Live Video IP Cameras on motion and sound detection events. The Speakers section is the entry point for the quick start guide and user manual for your Live Voice Speakers.

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Elmo Mante PhD

ok got it figured out. don't take it back just yet. i had same problem would not connect. i was using a 5g/2.4ghz Wi-Fi. and using the 2.4ghz side still wasnt working. but switched to my old netgear n150 router 2.4ghz and it connected right away. works like a charm. even if i switch my phone to my 5g now still works. it's all in the router! promise. i almost took it back. glad i didn't. would give 5 stars but have to have cloud acct to use reply feature.

Ayden Kovacek

Pay attention to your WiFi band. I set up 2 different ones at my girlfriends and my house. Hers went like a breeze but it took me about 2 hours here before i realized that my cell phone was connected to the 5ghz band. Most connect automatically depending on your setup. Cam and phone must be on 2.4 when doing the setup. if you have issues completely restart(delete cam) and you will have no problems. Once its done the monitoring can be done from both bands and cellular. Youre very welcome Androidss

Miss Bella Tillman

I bought this to use as a baby monitor in rv. I have a 2.4ghz router with no internet, couldn't get it to work. now that we're back home it connected camera and speaker with zero issues. I'm a little curious why these are bundled, need two different apps to work them and they do not interact at all..... but I love the speaker, it adds to my Google home assistant army, I have one in each room! it's battery so I can bring it outside and I can use it as just a Bluetooth speaker! camera works fine

Jameson Towne

Purchased this on Black Friday and still not able to get the camera to sync with my WiFi. I've called twice and they now tell me it will be a few more days until they update the app. I'm taking it back and getting something else. Very disappointed. If you are going to sell it, make sure your app is ready. That's just good business!!!!

Dr. Helmer Kassulke II

awful! trying to connect a camera since November 2018! called 3 x and each time they sent me on a wild goose chase. Now I call and the problem is on their end! BUT they dont know when it will be fixed! wow...crappy hard to understand customer service and junky apps. Good job altec-lansing NOT!

Luigi Bashirian

camera won't connect. I am on a 2.4Ghz speed, created 2 different accounts. exchanged for a new camera at Walmart and this camera won't connect either. as everyone said the speaker is fine. Maybe that's why the store dropped the price from $100 to $40 AFTER XMAS. :'( Altec, please hear our cries a d fix the bugs. the last update was in October.

Gloria Krajcik

Hate to be blunt but this app sucks. Cannot get to register, it sends me codes to my email for verification. Says to enter in app but can out get past sign in or create account. Don't waste your time as I did. Altec speaker works great but I am returning. Waste of time.

Ms. Zelda Corkery

Bought it on black Friday. Spent 3 hours first night trying to connect the camera to wifi with my phone, reset camera at least 15 times. Had no issues with the speaker though. Tried the camera two more nights and still no success. Thought maybe it was cause my droid moto z is 2.5 yr old or the wifi, but now im seeing other people had the same issue.. I wanted this so I can see/talk to my fur baby while im at work; so disappointed.

Miss Hosea Mraz

The camera does not connect to WiFi in spite of following ALL instructions and calls to tech support. I even returned the first one in the hope that maybe the camera was defective. Truth is it's just poorly designed with a faulty set up app. Only thing good in the whole package is the Google speaker. My advice, don't waste your time on this product.

Dr. Derick Thiel

Finally got the camera to work, quality is okay. i thought i was going to be able to hear sound from the camera onto the speaker (like a baby monitor) could have just got the wyze cam pan $38 and an Alexa $25-$30 for the price of this to do alot more and with better quality image. Btw, the problem most people had was due to the servers at launch and not because they were doing it wrong, so the reviews on this are right, just not updated. The only thing good from this product is the speaker.