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Word Jam - A word search & word guess brain game. WordJam is a fun and relaxing word game in a crossword-style format made for the smartest brains! 

Swipe the letters to find and guess the hidden words in a crossword-style grid

Word Jam - A word search word guess brain game is the first of its kind.

Solve the anagram puzzles as you travel around the world in the Crossword Food Truck unlocking new levels.

Guess and search letters on the word plate to find different word recipes. Solve the anagram puzzles by searching for all the words to make your way to a new country. As you progress in the game, anagram puzzles get trickier and tastier!

Word Jam is a free word search brain game that tests your vocabulary, spelling, word guessing and anagram puzzle solving skills - just search and guess the words! Get a fun brain exercise in your free
time and improve your vocabulary!

If you are a word game lover and like to play brain games to improve your vocabulary or simply enjoy word search games to casually swipe and guess the hidden words, Word Jam - A Word Search & Word Guess Brain game is the perfect choice for the best brain game lovers!

How to Play:
The rules are simple. Search and swipe the letters on the plate to guess the hidden words

Game Features:
• FREE TO PLAY GAME – Download this for FREE and play without wifi.

• "EASY TO LEARN" HARD TO MASTER – The easy game play gets you going from the first word
search anagram puzzle and keeps your brain engaged for hours. However, the game gets trickier as you progress with more complicated words and tougher levels.

• CHALLENGING PUZZLES – Free anagram puzzles range from 2 letters to 7 letters. It starts easy and gets challenging quickly as you progress further.

• IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY – Search & find hidden words or guess them from the same set of letters. Flex your brain muscles in your free time and improve your spelling skills all while increasing
your vocabulary by discovering new words.

• PLAY ANYTIME – No internet or wifi needed for this game. You can play offline too for free!

• SYNC YOUR GAME PROGRESS – You can login using Facebook to sync your game progress across various devices.

So, why wait? Play the game now and start guessing the hidden words!

• Search and guess the words from mixed letters.

• Guess new words using the crossword grid and develop your brain, anagram puzzle solving vocabulary skills.

• Feel a sense of achievement as you go around the world, to become a word chef!

• Simple and Easy!
• Daily bonus rewards
• 250 free coins to get you started!
• Great exercise for the brain
• Supports both Phones and Tablets.
• FREE Update!
- Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay
- Enjoy playing the game anytime, anywhere. No wifi required to play the game
- More than 100s of levels with thousands of anagram puzzles. Updates will be regular and free!
• Enjoy the game with various devices (Phones and Tablets).
• "Word Jam" contains ads like banners, interstitials and videos.
• "Word Jam" is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like an ad-free account and attractive packages.

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Kirstin Jacobs

I like the game, it is a lot of fun, with some easy and some challenging levels. I also like the tournaments and daily challenges. I also like how I don't have a certain amount of lives or anything. My one problem with the game, is that there isn't much of a storyline, if any. However, mainly, this is a great game to exercise your brain, and I wanted to thank the people who made the game!

Cornelius Rippin

I did love this app for the first week and gave it 5 stars. But suddenly today, I started to get blasted with ads--6 in the past 15 minutes, plus 2 more while writing this review. Therefore, I'm downgrading my rating to 1 star. If the onslaught of ads continue, I will uninstall the app permanently.

Mr. Willis Reynolds DVM

I really liked the upgrade. Thanks for bringing the bonus jar back with no time constraints. I have an issue with your tournament. I've been 1st on several occasions only to see myself suddenly drop to 5th or 6th place. Fix the leaderboard to update accurately please

Prof. Marco O'Keefe MD

I enjoy it but ALOT of words that work in other word puzzles dont work in this one. Also, u should get 1 point for each bonus word not 15 points for every 35. Nobody probably reads these but it's worth a try.

Serena Spencer MD

I love playing this game! I only gave 3 stars because of the 2 exceptions. 1. Words repeat way too often. 2. It is way too easy to press the hint buttons. If you accidentally press one, too bad, there go your points. You need to have a confirm action!!

Prof. Hilton Stark V

The game is addictive. It gets increasingly difficult. I am having problems with it crashing during games - this spoils the experience. Wish this would stop.

Howell Beier Jr.

So frustrating to earn points then lose them because my pinky accidentally \"spends\" them. Ridiculous layout! Otherwise, this is the best!

Rozella Schroeder

this app draws you in by allowing you to win 5-7 dollars at fisrt 3 1/3 months later I cannot get over 7:00. ...I'll give it another month

Earline Keebler

enjoy the game, but MANY legitimate words are NOT accepted by the invisible dictionary, and there is no way to add them to the vocabulary list. Many Scrabble words are also rejected.

Cathrine Zboncak I

I really like this game very much. The levels become difficult and it's not just a good pass time, but also a great way to build good vocabulary