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Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys allows you to take surveys in exchange for rewards! Start now for a guaranteed $6.25 on your first survey!

Build up your in-app balance and exchange for gift cards or cash via PayPal.

Rewards offered in Zap Surveys:

1. PayPal Payments
2. Amazon eGift Cards
3. Visa eGift Card

Cash out typically takes a few days and the minimum cash out is $25.00 (USD). You can earn cash by taking paid surveys, checking in every day for up to + $0.03 / day, or refer your friends for money!

Zap Surveys is your mobile companion to earn cash on the side - all from the comfort of your couch.

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Marlin Rolfson

One of the best survey apps ever, matter of fact the best. It actually pays you cash for surveys not points unlike every other apps that give points. This gives cash. So thanks to the producer, hope to see better apps like this and more if possible from this same producer. Thank you.

Prof. Troy Donnelly

Won't even let me create account. I dont have facebook so I was creating a account on the actual app and I put in the info and it won't let me scroll down or anything to press ok or anything that might possibly let me create the account. I restarted my phone 100x and it still didn't work. I would give it 0 stars if I could. I will delele this rating if I get it to work.

Prof. Margarette Flatley

Meh, It was okay you may have to earn about.. $27 or $26 just to be able to access your money/cash out and the surveys are okay its just when you use Peanut Labs most of the offers require you to sign up for rewards like gift cards and other things like that. So if you're not interested in things like that I'd use Tap research

Prof. Ashtyn Prohaska PhD

On the rare occasion where I fit the profile of the survey after 10mins of putting in the same personal information over and over, I get kicked out of the survey when it decides I no longer qualify. So I'm basically just selling my gender, birth date and postal code for 2 cents again and again. Not worth the time.

Noelia Stark

Facebook messenger doesn't allow me to share my referral link with any of my friends, just to let you know that. I've only had this app for less than a month \u0026 I'm at alittle over 7 bucks. So pretty cool I feel so far, so I give you four stars.

Maia Ebert

If you worry about online security, dont download this. You never know what is happening to your data. I downloaded the app and both surveys required me to put in my postal code. Not only do i not want junk sent to my door, but i dont wanna put my ADDRESS in the hands of a dodgy app

Dr. Kristoffer Dibbert PhD

ALL was great till I had to change phones, now I don't get my location rewards ( the screen opens up but i never receive the money @ .14 cents a day). Been going on for about 2 weeks now. When this problem gets fixed I will give MORE stars. Also I have yet to receive credit toward my ZAP GOALS.

Nayeli Schumm

this is an good app I guess. the surveys are easy and apparently some stop child starvation. but it seems legit if you seem sketched out I did to but the reviews are good and some questions you can say prefer not to answer. they give you barely any money but the surveys are easy.

Miss Kyla Hane

Why is it after my 1st cashout all my surveys went from .75cents and up to just a few pennies .13cent to .32cent? Basically my survey offers been cut in half or more. Use to get .99cent offers but not since i cashed out.

Cordia Beahan

dont get the app. at least not on android. just to open it I have to click the app 10 times because it force closes every time and after 10 times itll finally let you in.I'm $6 away from cashing out and the app logged me out. now every time I try to log back in it says \"no response try again later\" Ive been trying for 2 weeks.i emailed support and no funny that when Im so close to cashing out it suddenly wont let me in. terrible all.get inbox dollars these same surveys are there too