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Guess who the character is

Play with your phone and "Guess who the character is" !!!
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Evelyn Marks MD

Needs some improvement. First off the opponent will often give \nintentionally wrong awnsers when you play computer. Its really annoying to \nguess blonde a blonde lady gaga and they say its not blonde. Also we should \nbe able type our own questions becuase the ones you can ask are too vague \nand make guessing hard.

Prof. Naomi Kovacek

Not a bad game, but the fact the computer gives wrong answers is annoying. \nSheldon Cooper is not a woman.

Mr. Micheal Schamberger DVM

Only played one round. Didn't mess up. I wish there was a pass and play version of it. Or a way to play with friends.

Ms. Otilia Parker DDS

not a game I would play all day but its decent

Chaz Stanton

Ai is terrible computer gives wrong answers not playable

Dr. Raoul Stamm

Not well made at all.

Dr. Darren Parisian

Cute game but the grammar was atrocious and it was ridiculously easy.

Prof. Wilmer Kiehn II

It's OK but it should add multi player and friends ect

Kay Farrell

I'm hoping this was written by someone who is not a native English speaker because \"it got the hat\" and pretty much every other phrase is very bad grammar. Also, I would be attempting to cross people off my board and it would pop up with the opponent's question. Hold on, let me finish my turn and cross off people before you butt in with your turn!

Rahsaan Mayer

The best game ever seen!